Germany is playing the schoolmaster for the world again

Trade is the continuation of war by other means, says an old “wisdom” from England. With the escalating sanctions regimes of the West becomes visible, that this maxim is followed exactly. The German governments are particularly good at this. Foreign Minister Baerbock takes this to the extreme. She wants to punish everyone, who do not want to follow their ideology.

Looking at all, really all sanctions, imposed by the West, then they all have a lot in common. They are illegal under international law and UN standards. They were commanded against states, who were not guilty of anything, apart from the dictates of the West, of the USA, to oppose. No sanctioned country has attacked another. This also applies to Russia, because the sanctions regime against Moscow was declared nine years ago. The "reason" back then was, that Russia allowed itself, to hold a referendum in Crimea. She had a result, that did not suit the West. There is nothing wrong with the referendum as such, but Russia has demonstrated to the West, how democracy should really work: The will of the people must be respected! So, as it was with Brexit.

It started with Cuba

The "mother of all sanctions regimes" was the embargo against Cuba 60 years. Even then, Havana was not guilty of anything else, than to close down their casinos to the Americans and opt for a political system, that the US didn't like. This pattern runs through all sanctions to date. Let's not forget: All sanctions are directed against the common people and have the goal, to provoke riots and thus bring about a change of government, towards a regime, that faces the USA, the west, subordinate. Any occasion is welcome. It's going so far now, that sanctions will be imposed, if a country does not act in this way domestically, as the West sees fit.

Realistically, any sanctioning of a state is an act of war without a direct declaration of war. Still in 19. century it was common, to send gunboats, when a militarily underdeveloped country did not behave according to the ideas of a European country, or towards the USA. Just remember the year 1863, when the USA and England sent their battleships to Japan, to force Japan, to trade with them. Or England's opium war against China with the goal, to force China, continue to let the deadly poison into the country. The opium, that the English had manufactured in occupied Afghanistan and with which they paid for their imports from China. They couldn't do it with real money or real goods.

Merkel, the queen of sanctions

Chancellor Merkel has already massively supported the sanctions regime against Russia, and, you could say, without her none of this would have happened. She has never even criticized the sanctions against Cuba. Now we have a foreign minister, which adds a shovel to it. She has declared her "feminist foreign policy" to be her maxim and is taking action against every country, that denies the LTBQ-and-what-else-madness. Even if elections bring a result, that shouldn't exist in Baerbock's world, she has no inhibitions, to endorse sanctions. See Umgarn or Poland, who are being deprived of rightful billions from the EU budget, because they make different decisions on some issues, than the EU and Baerbock want to prescribe. Where is the respect for the sovereignty of these states?

Now one could argue, that sovereignty does not matter to politicians in a country, which itself has no sovereignty. Actually it should be the other way around. Anyone who has problems with their sovereignty themselves, should pay special attention, that others don't feel the same way. Or do these characters live according to the motto, if we can't be sovereign, why should it be better for others? At least that's how they act. Or they feel so comfortable in their dependency, that they want to bestow this comfortable status on others. And yes, of course it is convenient, when you don't have to make your own decisions, because you have a mentor, who watches over it, that you don't make any "wrong" decisions. Ultimately, you don't have to take responsibility for your own actions and you can be sure of the praise of the hegemon.

Sanctions wear off quickly

Sanctions are a blunt sword. The possibilities are quickly exhausted, that precede a real armed conflict. So in Russia are now at the 7.000 Individuals sanctioned, because you can't actually do anything anymore and so have to fall back on these symbolic actions. It also shows, that Russia can cope better with these sanctions, than the West itself. Trade flows between the West and Russia have rather grown. Overall it must be stated, that no government has ever been forced out of office by sanctions. All sanctioned parties have adjusted to the sanctions and are looking for new partners. Partner, who then do the business, which the West has forbidden itself. Cuba still exists.

But back to the schoolmaster of the world. Of course the headmaster is in Washington, but without the loyal following of the vassals it doesn't work. Germany is at the forefront here. Baerbock does the "stupid" things, for which the USA itself is too good. That's when I think of Iran. What's going on internally, nobody's business, except for the Persians themselves. Incidentally, this applies to all countries. But Baerbock wants to impose sanctions on Iran, because she doesn't like their jurisdiction. It cannot be due to the death penalty as such, because it is still practiced in the USA and several other countries. But stop! When the US enforces the death penalty or operates torture camps like Guantanamo, is of course something completely different.

Who could impose the more effective sanctions?

But let's imagine, Russia or China or any other country would impose sanctions on England and the US, for dealing with Julian Assange. Or Guantanamo or the raids on many countries? Compare that to countries sanctioned by the West, the United States has not been allowed to take part in the Olympics for decades. Germany after Yugoslavia no longer either. And, you would have to stop international trade completely, because how to get oil from saudi arabia, when human rights are violated and the death penalty is carried out there? But then we have a Mrs. Faeser, who courageously wears a great armband with clothing under diplomatic protection, which shows no respect for local customs. And, that would also be an occasion for Qatar, Sanction Germany and stop gas supplies. Or to ban the import of German cars.

This has brought me to a critical point. The outrageous arrogance of the sanctioners, who act in consciousness, that there will be no tit-for-tat. The whole world should dance to their tune. But imagine, the Islamic world would sanction all states, whose approach to sexual issues does not fit their culture; hold the gay parades. They would no longer deliver oil and spices and whatever else you need from tropical regions. I think, the bomber fleets would be on their way very quickly, to "punish" this presumption. So, how Japan was coerced with gunboats, to trade with the West. But the West is presumptuous, to "punish" everything, what is not going well, as he wishes. That's the tradition of the British Empire and perhaps our overqualified foreign minister recognized the virtues of it during her study visit to London and adopted it.

On the German character…

The old saying "the German character shall heal the world" has been disposed of on the garbage heap of history. But maybe this basic attitude is a very German one and so some people can live it out again today, in the slipstream of “western values”, defined by the United States. With the military might of NATO at your back. People talk about it openly, wanting to punish states. But what arrogance is that? who has the west, Deutschland, authorized, to pose as judges over other states and cultures and to impose punishments? Without seeking the support of the UN? That would be the minimum, if you wanted to comply halfway with international law.

Germany itself is now in a state, that the UN should intervene, if you set the standard, practiced by the West towards other states. Imagine, there would have been an election debacle in Moscow or somewhere else, like in Berlin. Oh yes, that's where the people sit, which other countries describe as regimes with autocrats; the international election observers are calling for countries, where elections don't turn out that way, as Berlin wishes. no, Democracy is not a wish concert, even if a country decides in a referendum, to become a kingdom again, it's nobody's business, except for the inhabitants of this country. But maybe we are right there at the vital point.

Democracy is not the only thing that needs to be developed further

Helmut Schmidt said so: “Our democracy is anything but ideal, but we have nothing better.” However, further development of our democracy models is not permitted. I think, there is a great fear of it, that other countries could develop models, superior to our form of democracy. Just think of the Asian tiger states or Russia, where developments are possible, that we can't even dream of. Our democracy has degenerated into the perfect system of rule, where only the power of money can score. Who wants to impose this system on the world, with all its excesses, he is a servant of capital.

In Germany we arrived in a state, where nothing really works anymore. Instead of caring, finger is pointed at other states. How terrible things are in China, for example. They even wanted to take away our freedom, control over your own body, with compulsory vaccination. Presse- and freedom of expression are only a shadow of themselves. There is so much in Germany, which needed a thorough renovation. That's how it is in Germany, that has no right at all, to reproach other countries or to sanction them, who don't want to slip into our pathetic status. But it's always been like this, to look outward, to distract from their own shortcomings. That's how I make the request, to let all countries go their own way, instead of trying to force them, to emulate our error. I want a multipolar world, because only in such a way are positive developments possible, from which everyone can ultimately benefit. In short, it looks like this: Baerbock, Keep your mouth shut!


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