Jussi Halla-aho bought greetings on the side of the Ukrainian projectile and wrote, that what promotes the killing of Russian soldiers is right

The chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Jussi Halla-aho (ps.) has purchased one signed artillery projectile from the Ukrainian SignMyRocket service.

It's about service, where you can buy an inscription on the side of the projectile, which the Ukrainians then fire at the Russians. A picture of the projectile text is promised to be sent to the customer.

Halla-aho talks about her purchase on her Facebook page (you switch to another service) in the process, when taking a position from Helsingin Sanomat (you switch to another service) to thinking about ammunition.

- If killing Russian soldiers in this situation is right and necessary, everyone too, which contributes to their killing, is right and necessary, Halla-aho writes.

In the past, working life professor Martti J. Kari, who says that he acknowledged Topipapa with a dedicatory inscription 1940 A hit on the Isthmus and author Sofi Oksanen, who says he changed the New Year's rockets to "Jaxuhali" ammunition.
The ammunition announcements have sparked a heated debate for and against Iltalehti (you switch to another service) and Helsingin Sanomi (you switch to another service) down to.
According to the website, an NGO is behind the SignMyRocket service, which consists of veterans and their families, among others. They have been operating since 2014. The operation is said to focus on helping the Ukrainian armed forces and territorial defense units in battles.

Anton Sokolenko, representing the NGO, tells Yle by email, that the largest number of ammunition purchases have been made by the United States. Finns have placed the second most orders.
According to Sokolenko, there are now 600-700 orders from Finland and a lot of money has been spent on health 140 000 euro.

According to its own announcement, the non-governmental organization has already collected about one million euros. Donors are said to be plentiful 4 000.

According to Sokolenko, the money has been used to buy, for example, cars for the soldiers, a drone, tires, generators and warm clothes.

A message on the side of the projectile costs the cheapest 200 dollars. You can already pay for the sticker on the side of the fighter 20 000 dollars.


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