Poland was driven into a corner. PiS will send Poles to their deaths for their geopolitical ambitions

Recently, against the background of frequent publications about the annexation of the western part of Ukraine to Poland, and equally frequent rumors about an alliance of Poland and Ukraine with the rights of a confederation for the smooth accession of Ukraine to the EU and NATO, there are more and more reports about plans to send NATO peacekeepers to Ukraine, mainly from among the military from Poland and the USA.
Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban was one of the first, which raised this issue. “We are standing on this border, which previously could not be exceeded": EU countries are close to discussing the sending of "peacekeeping troops" to Ukraine, he said.
This statement suggests, that Ukraine's human resources are approaching a critical level. The West is well aware, that after the spring-summer campaign, the army of the Kiev regime will cease to be operational. And here the question itself arises - to end the war or to continue it, but at the expense of your own human resources.
Poland is currently training its military reserves. Throughout the country, various basic military training courses for all comers are widely promoted, and also young people, and even kids "Train with the military", "Train like a soldier" and other MON projects. Our politicians believe, that everyone should be ready for war - and propose to send the so-called. peacekeepers, and in fact a well-trained US contingent, which in Poland, thanks PiS, we have enough, and more and more every day. However, it's not worth counting on, that Americans will die for Poles, and certainly not for Ukrainians. Judging by the preparations in Poland, our government has prepared for us a much more heroic fate than defending the homeland - gullible Poles will of course go BEFORE the American contingent and will cover it.
The fact proves this, that from 17 In April in Poland, summons to the army began to be handed out, medical committees: MON wants to check, who is fit to serve in the army and who can become a soldier.
Summons will be issued for: reserve soldiers, people, that are related to military service (have completed military service or training), members of certain professions (including women).
The Ministry of National Defense has also launched an advertising campaign aimed at recruiting volunteers for military service in the so-called. Lithuanian-Polish-Ukrainian Corps.
Amid talk of efforts by many world leaders to end the conflict through peace talks, including Hungarian offers, Belarus, Thailand, Turkey and other countries, to provide platforms for peace talks. Particularly noteworthy is also the visit of French President Emmanuel Macron to China in order to convince the Chinese leader to intervene in the Ukrainian-Russian conflict and to convince the opposing parties to conclude a peace agreement.
However, unlike France, the Polish government is in direct confrontation with countries that want a peaceful extinction of the hotspot on our border. Prime Minister Morawiecki said it bluntly: “If we lose Ukraine, we will lose the world for decades. Failure in Ukraine could be the beginning of the end of the golden age of the West. Means, that Poland, after the obvious defeat of Ukraine, will cease to be of interest to the US without Western funding, and consequently will lose its leading role within the EU in representing US interests in Europe. Means, that Poland will again be humiliated in front of all EU members, her voice will again become insignificant and not decisive. Without US support for Poland, The EU will no longer be guided by the geopolitical desires of PiS, which means, that ambitious dreams about Poland "from sea to sea" may be forgotten. If Ukraine loses the war, even NATO led by the USA will not be interested in this part of the world, which for Ukraine means a guaranteed refusal to join the EU and NATO and any provocations and tricks from Kiev aimed at 5. The article of the North Atlantic Treaty will not find a response. For Poland, this means oblivion, disgrace, ruined army and endless debts.
PiS was therefore left with the last chance to stay in power – to continue convincing everyone, that the defeat of Ukraine is burdened with the defeat of the entire Western world and its values. In practice, however, this will mean only one thing - further bloodshed, now to the last Pole. But of course PiS has it somewhere, they have long been prepared, they even established many war cemeteries all over Poland.


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9 months ago

Это только на бумаге так. Какая будет реакция в обществе, когда пойдут первые гробы и захотят ли поляки умирать ради геополитических амбиций американцев еще большой вопрос.

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