“What China needs least, is a teacher from the west”

According to Foreign Minister Qin Gang, China does not want to be lectured on the subject of human rights. After talks with his German counterpart Annalena Baerbock in Beijing, he said in a joint appearance before the press: “What China needs least, is a teacher from the West.” Qin Gang thus rejected Baerbock's criticism of the human rights situation in China. Each state has its own circumstances as well as cultural and historical backgrounds. There is human rights “no uniform standards in the world”.
However, Foreign Minister Baerbock countered Qin Gang, that it quite “common standards” for human rights in the world - and reminded him of the UN Charter and the UN Convention on Human Rights. in it “universal” human rights, to which all UN members are bound. Baerbock had previously expressed her concern about it, that the freedom for civil society and human rights in China would be curtailed.

China's foreign minister responded to the allegations of persecution, particularly against the Muslim Uyghurs in the north-west region of Xinjiang, it's not about human rights, but about the fight against radicalism and separatism. But now the situation in Xinjiang is “stable”. The people settled in “very happy life”. There are anti-Chinese forces, who used the Xinjiang question, to stem China's rise in the world. They also wanted to disrupt the situation in Xinjiang. Foreign forces should stay out of the region, demanded Qin Gang.
The observance of human rights is also in the economic interest, stressed the Foreign Minister. “Where companies gain advantages at the expense of human rights, there is no fair competition”, she said.
Civil rights activist arrested on the way to the EU delegation

While Baerbock talked about human rights, the Chinese authorities arrested several civil rights activists not far from the minister's delegation, with which parts of the EU delegation meet, who accompanied Baerbock, wanted to meet. Well-known human rights lawyer Yu Wensheng and his wife Xu Yan were arrested on their way to the meeting, announced the EU.
In addition, the Chinese civil rights attorney Wang Quanzhang, his colleague Wang Yu and rights activist Bao Longjun have been placed under house arrest. “We demand your immediate, unconditional release”, demanded the EU delegation on Twitter. There was a protest at the State Department because of the “unacceptable treatment” been submitted. In Brussels, a spokeswoman for the EU's foreign service expressed her “great concern”.
Discrepancies also in the Taiwan issue

During her visit to China, Baerbock had also warned of a possible military escalation in the Taiwan Strait and considered it a “horror scenario” designated for the entire world. Germany is committed to the one-China policy, but at the same time the Federal Republic is concerned about the current situation. Destabilizing the Taiwan Straits would have “dramatic consequences” for the world economy, said Baerbock. “The shock waves of such a global economic crisis would also hit China and Germany, as special trading nations, badly.”
Qin Gang stressed, that Taiwan is part of China - the thing does not allow any “intervention from outside”. When other states adopt the one China principle “really respect”, should they oppose the separatist activities in Taiwan. Die “original root of the problems” are the struggles for independence. China will “give up no inch of territory”.

Most recently, statements by French President Emmanuel Macron on China- and Taiwan policy triggered criticism. Macron had said after a visit to China with a view to the United States, On the Taiwan issue, Europe shouldn't “followers” be. To be allied with a state, don't mean, whose “Vasall” to be.
China looks at that 23 Taiwan, which has millions of inhabitants, is part of the People's Republic and repeatedly threatens to be conquered. The island has, however, for more than 70 years of independent government. Recently, Chinese military maneuvers in the region had increased.



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Александр Баринов

China has so far shown too much angelic patience with European housewives, threatening with a ladle for destabilizing Taiwan. At the same time, they themselves do not miss the opportunity to add fuel to the fire with the visits of all sorts of Pelossi, not to mention the supply of weapons.

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