The danger of fascism is increasing in the USA

– There is about a year left until the presidential elections in the USA, the most economically and militarily powerful country in the world.. Although the Democratic Party is still in power, the danger of fascism is increasing..

At the root of this danger, First of all, there are two factors. Firstly, the popularity of President Biden from the Democratic Party has dropped significantly.; intention to run for reelection, old age, It creates reluctance among voters due to the fragility of their health.. There is no possibility of another presidential candidate for the Democratic Party on the horizon.. Moreover, if the famous black philosopher, left-leaning Prof.. Dr. Cornel West (Harvard/Yale) If he does not give up the idea of ​​becoming an independent candidate, The left, which is dissatisfied with Biden, could attract some of the votes, negatively impacting Biden's chances of winning, even marginally.. Secondly, and the most frightening thing, Trump's candidacy probability and his chances of winning are, about “incitement to rebellion”, Despite the ongoing lawsuits regarding “financial corruption”, that it continues to increase.

The possibility of Trump entering the White House again in 2024 is very scary. Because in ABC News Washington representative Jonathan Karl's book to be released this week, (Tired of Winning) as he emphasizes (MSNBC, 14/11) this time before us, 2016There is a different Trump than the one in.


This, A different and dangerous Trump! First, 2016While going to the White House in, nonsense, Experienced politicians likely to rein in extremism, bureaucrats, there were soldiers. This time around Trump, at least as determined, There are far-right fanatic but also experienced staff. Secondly, As he demonstrated in his statements in the case regarding the "January 6 attempt", Even though Trump knew he lost the elections, he ignored them, tried to stay in power at all costs. Trump 2024 He goes to his elections with this experience and prepared for the possibility of losing.. Prof., whose work titled “On Tyranny” attracted great attention.. Dr. Snyder, “Trump goes beyond winning elections, coming to power (being a 'sovereign'-EY) "He's doing the math," he says.. Thirdly, this preparation, It includes a plan to completely take over the state by replacing the security and judicial bureaucracy that limited his whims during his first presidential term.. This time, Trump's ideological and political preparation was shaped by the far-right think tank called Heritage Foundation., It will help Trump take over the state if he comes to power 4 thousand people ideological, politically partisan cadre has already, From the far right sections of the Republican Party, exams, It is reported that he started collecting through interviews. In a sense, Trump, already a party within a party, state within state, started to form a Gestapo. fourth, Trump not only wants to come to power, but also, According to Snyder, governing in a "state of emergency", He even plans to take revenge.

Trump's language has become increasingly radical since he launched his election campaign.

Last week on Veterans Day (Veterans Day) Trump in his speech, “Vermin in our country (‘vermin’) living like, lying in elections, Communists who steal and cheat, Marxists, We promise to root out fascists and radical left gangs. (…) Whether legal or illegal, they are trying to destroy America and the American dream., "They will do everything they can" to black people, especially Jews, in Nazi Germany, Roma, communists, “Undesirables” and “those to be destroyed” such as LGBTQ (be extinguished) “pest” used for (vermin/vermin) He was using the word. Trump, After describing these as destructive elements in his speech, argued that “internal enemies are more dangerous than external enemies”.

Prof. Dr. Snyder, “The danger is so great, If the enemy is this vile, Trump taking action as soon as he is elected, accountability, "In a sense, it will have to declare a 'state of emergency'," he says.. Trump says he will deport millions of immigrants, He says he will put millions of people in camps. camps, “are exceptional places”. The process that started with the closure of immigrants here, one step later, may continue by starting to shut down the opposition.


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