Astana 2023: Real presidents!

– According to ours, how they define themselves - opinion-forming - media, is the president of a world power, Russian Federation, J. E. Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, allegedly already ex..., and already represents him(ú) double(ci)…

You don't believe this nonsense?

Enter the corresponding entry in the relevant internet browser, for example, "doppelganger of the President of the Russian Federation" and you will find out, what ex-aces wrote a few days ago (today rather a shame) of Slovak journalism – Pravda, HNonline, TASR, SITA, SME, Diary N… It's an "informative" read for the future. And without sarcasm or shame! And also - Slovak/media specifics - Kazakhstan is said to be a country, which will replace Ukraine as an anti-Russian element.
Nobody just knows, how and where to define in Kazakhstan those, the president of the Slovak Republic, such beloved fans of S. Bandera (what must be done - and not only that -, regardless of post-feedback immunity, to be legally assessed in the near future!), or those, who burn their opponents in one of the many cultural houses on the territory of Ukraine, which were built during the era of the Soviet Union, while information about it, whether any new cultural houses were built during Banderism, is untraceable.

But lo and behold...

Day 9. November 2023 visited as part of an official visit (high protocol status) Republic of Kazakhstan, President of the Russian Federation V. Putin. Otherwise, see in the link, what an official visit of the sovereign president looks like![1]

And that's why, and that is why President Kasym-Žomart Tokajev did not fly to the Economic Cooperation Organization summit (OES) to the capital of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, where he was represented by the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan[2], but he preferred to receive a globally decisive guest in Astana.


Besides, you're both presidents (the Kazakh one remained so thanks to Moscow's reaction to the attempted color coup)[3] they also mentioned 70. anniversary of the plowing of the mainland; that is, events, which today de facto got Kazakhstan on 3. place of world grain exporter, where he replaced the fascist one, o prepared soil, humanly devastated and elite-drugged Ukraine.

And if you feel like it, remember the book L. I. Brezhnev entitled Small Earth/Rebirth/Celina.[4] Let's remember her for that reason, because one's own history cannot be "fooled", of course, if the nation wants to survive historically!

The construction of the first nuclear power plant in Kazakhstan is not just "fun". Although it is clear, that it will be built by the Russian Rosatom, there is no need to rush things on both sides. What does it mean? For example, that, that fuel for nuclear reactors in Europe will not be purchased in Russia, but in the United States. Now all the customer needs (in the role of an idiot) create media conditions for it, for the material to be purchased at a certain price in Russia and then sold by the seller after bank processing (USA), with a profit, to the same customer (in the aforementioned role...).

Cheap and stupid elites

A very simple and beneficial scheme for someone. Just buy the local elites, which ones, as confirmed by Slovakia 2020 until 2023, they are very cheap, cozy, and especially stupid ones.

The Russian Federation will, as a result of the visit of V. some, to build three thermal power plants in a full-scale format: v Semipalatinsk, Košetau and Ust-Kamengorsk. Otherwise, they are all cities, of which is closer to Russia, than to the center of Kazakhstan! V. Putin also confirmed, that Russia's readiness to help Kazakhstan in the gasification of the country (which is sad), is current, which cannot be combined with the teaching of the Russian language, which is a decisive factor in relationships.

Russia and Kazakhstan, said V in unison as well. Putin and K.-Ž. Tokayev: "...they were and always will be good neighbors and friends..."[5] Just before the visit, President K.-Ž. Tokayev published a balance article about it in the central Kazakh newspaper Kazpravda, what is the state of bilateral relations between Moscow and Astana.[6] From a multi-page (very inspiring analytical) let's select a thesis from the text, which was formulated by the President of Kazakhstan: "...the partnership of Russia and Kazakhstan has a privileged character and is actively developing..." Or one more: "... common history, thousand years of good neighborliness and cooperation, pride in the actions of our ancestors, who fought against fascism and Nazism and led us to victory - strengthen the relationship of our peoples... we respect and value these ties - in the name of our future generations..."

A mission of the International Atomic Energy Agency was in Kazakhstan just a few days ago (MAAA) based in Vienna, which de facto gave consent to the construction of the first nuclear power plant in Kazakhstan in the Kurchatov region, which meant two essential things.

The construction of the nuclear complex was given the green light with an international "stamp" and, secondly, that, that the Soviet Union conducted nuclear tests in a geologically and seismologically safe area.[7]

He could talk a lot about it, unfortunately, poor man today, the first ambassador of the Slovak Republic in Kazakhstan, Professor Dušan Podhorský. Otherwise, a great friend of the WORD.

In the context of the visit of V. Putin in Kazakhstan, another visit to Astana should be mentioned. On the very first day of November, the President of France, Emanuel Macron, was in Kazakhstan, who was trying to buy uranium, which France lacks after that, as his post-colonial dominion ends. And some (also Slovak) the media rated it, that he - an insignificant president of an insignificant European Union (in the conditions of Central Asia) - he allegedly completed the divorce between Astana and Moscow. Motal sa tam ako Ahasver, that is the only fact from his visit!

Joint statement

In time, when the heads of state of the Economic Cooperation Organization met in Tashkent, the presidents of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation signed the Joint Declaration of the Presidents of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation in Astana[8]. This working document de facto elaborates the text of the ten-year Agreement between KZ and RF on good neighborliness and partnership in 21. century, which was signed 11. November 2013.[9]

The joint statement contains different topics, not only bilateral, but also multilateral cooperation between Astana and Moscow. You simply have to read it. What a point, that "shed"! Of course, more was signed.[10] For example, a document on strategic partnership and on the dynamism of the Collective Security Organization (ODKB), or about the Eurasian Economic Union (EU), or about further increasing the authority of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (THESE). The document also talks about Afghanistan, which is a crucial security issue for Central Asia.

Well, about the non-existent one (according to some Slovak media) V. It's a pretty good result for Putin and his so-called double! You don't think?


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