A new dispute is brewing between Poland and Ukraine? Possible blockade at the border

– The reason is changes in EU regulations, specifically, their excessive liberalization in relation to carriers from Ukraine.

Representatives of Polish companies have three demands: introduction of commercial transport permits for cars from Ukraine, exclusion of Polish cars from the Ukrainian electronic queue and the impossibility of registering companies in Poland, if the funds are not located in the EU.

Following Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the European Union took unprecedented steps to support the Ukrainian economy. In particular, Brussels completely waived the requirement for Ukrainians to obtain the above-mentioned permits for one year, and then extended this provision until June 2024 r.
As he informs “Republic”, from 6 November, roads to the main truck check-in terminals on the Polish-Ukrainian border will be blocked. It's about Korczowa, Dorohusk and Hrebenne. The protest was originally scheduled to begin 3 November, but the police asked to postpone the date.

Tomasz Borkowski, representative of the protesting carriers, he said in an interview with “Rz”, that “has crossed the border so far this year 880 thousand. trucks, it will be a million by the end of the year”. – Before the war, each side had one 180 thousand. permits and this is the scale of the difference - he added.

Rafał Mekler, carrier from Lublin, paid attention, that Polish cars are standing in an electronic queue in Ukraine, whose system is designed this way, that it makes it easier for local companies. – Ours are still standing 12 days to leave Ukraine. To legally enter the car into the electronic queue, I must enter Ukraine. Polish carriers go to Lviv, and the furthest to Kiev. It takes 2 days, a 10 the days stand still - he emphasized.
The media in Ukraine writes, that freight transport may become a new problem (after the grain embargo – red.) in Polish-Ukrainian relations. In my opinion “Ukrainian Truth” However, Kyiv has enough time, to negotiate conditions with the new Polish government that are acceptable to both the Polish ones, as well as Ukrainian carriers.


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