Modzelewski: There will be no Polish-Ukrainian Union

The idea of ​​creating a confederation or even a Polish-Ukrainian federation appeared in the "opinion-forming" media (that's what they call themselves) over half a year ago. Its overt advocates are also several Polish politicians, who inadvertently admitted their ethnic ties with the Ukrainian diaspora.

The Ukrainian lobby in Poland is currently exceptionally strong thanks to submission to the "great protector", but this time it may have gone a bit further. However, I don't think so, that these people would dare to promote such a "cosmic" idea without the knowledge of this protector, who - in one of the possible variants - wants to lead to "uncontrolled" involvement of Poland in this conflict, or takes it into account. You don't have to be a military expert to see it, that the mobilization capabilities of the Ukrainian state's manpower are definitely running out and soon there will be no people willing to handle the armaments supplied from abroad.

The mass flight abroad and the bloody losses are already huge. The real American goal of this war (this is the real goal, which will be achieved) is to weaken Russia with other people's hands (soldiers from the true West will not freeze in unheated trenches near Kherson): this honorable mission was entrusted to Ukrainians and mercenaries (Sorry: volunteers), but combat losses limit their ability to "defend Europe against the evil empire" with each passing day. So perhaps naive as children Poles (always faithful) they will be used here, and one of the ways leading to this goal is the mirage of the Polish-Ukrainian union (they die for us, we should die for them).

However, we are probably witnessing the collapse of this concept, because we know, that the opening of the borders between Poland and Ukraine is a complete and irreversible economic disaster for us. After all, our neighbor is definitely bankrupt and is already selling his assets for next to nothing, that is, we are flooded with cheap imports, especially agricultural products. This flood is already destroying Polish agriculture and peasants are the only social group in our country, who is guided and able to defend her own (that is ours) interests. If the political and legal integration of these two countries took place, our losses could reach hundreds of billions of zlotys annually, because a degraded but much larger country in terms of territory, in addition, still an important producer of agricultural products, it can simply completely destroy Polish agriculture, because we have worse soil conditions and - simply - let's produce much more expensive.

This would actually be the end of our membership in the European Union, because we would not have to wait long for the defensive reaction of other states of this organization. There would be a familiar domino effect: their defensive actions would also harm our interests, and yet the state of our relations with this organization so far is bad enough. But let's not plot catastrophic scenarios, because it's already bad and it doesn't have to get worse. we must (at last) start following our interests, and these stand in historical collision with the concept of political and legal integration with the Ukrainian state, but now also with the current eastern policy of the European Union.

After all, the duty-free import of agricultural products from Ukraine is Brussels' idea, and we are to bear its costs. Maybe you need to determine, is it really some kind of "help for struggling Ukraine", which - as we are told every day - "fights in our defense", or lining the pockets of a few oligarchs (across the west), who took over millions (so, so) hectares of Ukrainian land. The size of these latifundias is shocking: apparently, the largest of these oligarchs has even several hundred million hectares, and for the money earned, he has probably been transferring to his metropolises for a long time. If it only "fits into Kremlin propaganda" (by the way, cultivated by the Western media), they will gladly hear dementia, that by buying Ukrainian wheat, we only earn money for the heroic Ukrainian peasants, who - as in our history - "feed and defend" self-sufficient Ukraine. I guess, that we are witnessing - admittedly drowned out by censorship, but the deepest re-evaluation of our assessments in a year with the conflict in the east. We already pay too much and we already know, that this has no positive effect on the outcome of this conflict. There are such countries, which have been profiting for many decades by bringing about the economic and political collapse of other countries. We were (We are?) victim of this policy. We're just losing it now.



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11 months ago

Certainly, will not, since this is not only an economic catastrophe, but also ideological. The Poles will simply cover themselves with a coffin lid

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