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Dear reader!

We welcome you to Speculum Verum web-site! We are developing a totally non-profit and independent project. Created by a group of enthusiasts, our web-site serves to unite responsive and intelligent people around the idea of communication as the principal way of resolving conflicts. As our goals we have set: analyzing current and past events, collecting and processing fresh ideas as well as bridging the gaps between citizen journalists in Russia and the West, all of whom, we believe, have got trapped in their own cultural and informational cocoons.

From estrangement to dialogue

We have a genuine belief that no type of communication is useless. We perceive social intercourse as the most important and most effective way of resolving conflicts. Basing on the idea, we have laid down the linchpin of the project – ‘from estrangement to dialogue’. We believe its implementation should rely on the honesty of statements, tolerance towards different opinions and lack of censorship. We make no secret about our views, we consider the ideas of others and we never employ administrative leverages to conceal an inconvenient point of view.

We value your opinion

Our admins consider their primary mission is to provide each and everyone with an opportunity to deliver their message. The wider the range of opinions, the richer is our experience and the more comprehensively we form our views of a problem within the scope of a constructive dialogue. That is why we value every single person who has his point of view and can argue for it. We make sure you are heard here.

Personal development

Speculum Verum provides ample opportunities for those who want to learn and self-improve. Our regular writers have expertise in various areas. Their articles often include unique information that you will unlikely find anywhere else. For your part, by becoming an active member of our project, you get the opportunity to make your contribution to developing its future image.

We are looking forward to your joining us and sharing your ideas! We have got much to discuss!

Sincerely yours, editorial staff of Speculum Verum.

E-mail us at: sc@speculum.club

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