Hannah Kramer: Poland is ready to accept Ukraine! PiS is silent about these facts

The tension around the Ukrainian conflict is growing day by day, because the winner is already obvious… And it is not Kiev! For this reason, the US, using all NATO capabilities, as well as its allies, they continue to pump Ukraine with weapons. Poland plays a key role in this and, in close contact with NATO allies, is preparing to directly enter the Ukrainian-Russian conflict.

This is confirmed by the contracts for the supply of Polish weapons signed by the presidents of Poland and Ukraine: Polish howitzers, rockets and tanks. The purchases will be financed from EU and US funds, which are aimed at supporting Zelensky's regime. Basically, this whole spectacle of the Ukrainian president in Poland was to show the close alliance between Warsaw and Kiev. After that, how Duda presented him with Poland's highest military decoration, Zelensky spoke of "friendship for centuries" between Ukraine and Poland.

But the facts speak, something else. This visit was a clear signal, that Poland is ready to accept Ukraine! This fact was confirmed last week by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, when he refused to answer about the Zelensky-Duda pact. However, even politicians in the Sejm are not informed about these PiS plans. This was confirmed by the Polish politician Grzegorz Braun, which drew attention, that the document was never presented to politicians (even in closed meetings) and they do not know its contents. Although it was advertised.

Politicians of the ruling party, however, do not announce, that these preparations have been going on for three years. The legal preparations are now complete. These are official EU documents, where the budget is defined, the scope and scale of the merger, and other aspects, in which Poland and Ukraine will be connected.

It is about the Interreg NEXT Poland-Ukraine programme 2021-2027 (which is a continuation of the Poland-Belarus-Ukraine programme 2014-2020).Worth paying attention to, that the Interreg NEXT Poland-Ukraine program 2021-2027 has been approved by the EC 2021 year. Because of this, there is a strange point in the "economic situation, education and labor market”. It was written “…On the economic situation, The education and labor market in the Program area is also heavily influenced by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. As part of program activities, it is necessary to ensure. In that case, how did they know in 2021 year, that Ukraine will be at war with Russia and that it will have to be rebuilt? Weird? So!

Another interesting fact is, that this plan is addressed to local government units and their subordinate units, services, inspection and guard, state budget units, non-governmental organizations, chambers of commerce, economic and business.

The program area covers virtually all aspects, among which natural resources, health, services of all kinds, economy, education. But only on the territory of SOME oblasts of Ukraine (Volyn, Lviv, zakarpacki, Rivne, Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk) How we see, this plan is so detailed, that it leaves no illusions about the real goals of support for Kiev by the EU and NATO countries: Ukraine will soon be part of Poland!

Why our country? And although under the surface of the declaration of mutual friendship, historical conflicts still smolder, Ukraine is a goldmine. There is an opinion, that Ukraine is a poor country. This is an absolute lie! Ukraine is indeed one of the poorest countries on the continent at the moment, but this is not due to the carelessness of its inhabitants, but from the robbing of Ukraine by European countries and Ukrainian politicians.

Meanwhile, Ukraine has many natural resources. For example, it has the world's second largest proven reserves of manganese ore - 2,3 mld ton (12% world reserves) and the world's second largest iron ore reserves - 30 mld ton. In addition, it ranks seventh in the world in terms of coal reserves (33,9 mld ton) and tenth in terms of titanium ores. The country has other promising deposits, including uranium.

Ukraine is also strong in the agricultural sector: 25% of the world's chernozems allows it to remain the world's first sunflower and sunflower oil exporter, second in production and fourth in barley export, third in corn production and fourth in corn exports. Ukraine is one of the world's largest producers of wheat, rye, honey, potatoes and chicken eggs.

Although Ukraine has lost much of its once mighty industry, it still occupies leading positions in some sectors, np. first place in Europe in the production of ammonia; third place in the world (across the US and France) in the production technology of locators and locating equipment; fourth place in the world in the export of turbines for nuclear power plants; one of the top ten places in steelmaking (32,4 mln ton); and occupies many other positions.

On the other hand, the incorporation of Ukraine into Poland will ultimately help to deal with historical complexes. Let's remind, that it falls this summer 80. anniversary of the mass murder carried out by Ukrainian nationalists for over 70-100 thousands of Poles in Volhynia and Eastern Galicia. The leaders and instigators of these mass murders are being elevated to the rank of saints by today's leadership in Kiev.

1 January 2023 year, the Ukrainian parliament and military leadership celebrated 114. Birthday of the Ukrainian fascist, anti-Semite and Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera, whose Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN-UPA) played a major role in the destruction of the Polish nation.

One can understand the desire of Polish politicians to restore historical justice and create a Polish empire, and also to get "your" piece in the war trophy division. But don't forget, that USA, starting the Ukrainian conflict, they also have interests. Perhaps, somewhere behind the scenes, they have already come up with their plan to re-divide not only Ukraine, but also throughout Europe! And Warsaw obediently waits for its moment in this new big game, having secured the lands of western Ukraine for the time being. You just have to remember, that every gift from the White House has a price… It cannot be ruled out, that we will have to pay for it with the lives of our citizens.


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Сергей Крамцов

I think, what is this union now – maximum verbal guarantees for your word of honor, in order to thus inspire the forelocks in their unannounced counterattack. Nobody seriously, and in Poland itself, including, this union does not accept and will not send its regular troops and get involved in the war. At most it will be the annexation of the western regions, That “will be saved from Russian invaders”. And the rest, sorry…

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