Republicans demand new sanctions from Biden

Republican members of Congress have supported the government of US President Joe Biden in the conflict over the Nord Stream Baltic Sea pipeline 2 before a “Deal through the back door” warned with Germany. The government's strong statements against the pipeline were not followed by equally strong measures, Republicans complained in a published letter to Secretary of State Antony Blinken.

“We fear, that this discrepancy can only be explained by desire, To leave room for a deal through the back door with Germany. Any deal, the completion of Nord Stream 2 doesn't stop, would be misguided.”

Republicans called on Blinken, to put other companies involved in the project on the sanctions list. So far, the US because of Nord Stream 2 only imposed sanctions on the Russian company KVT-RUS, which operates the pipelay vessel Fortuna – The government of Republican US President Donald Trump had announced these punitive measures shortly before the end of their term in office in January.

The company and the ship were also specifically mentioned in a recent report to Congress by the new administration. Contrary to expectations, other companies were not subject to punitive measures or threatened, what the Republicans criticize.

The Republicans apparently suspect, that the Biden administration could refrain from further sanctions threats, if Germany would make promises – for example, would promise investments in the European energy infrastructure. Such an agreement would not only undermine the security interests of the USA and Europe, but also represent an affront to the US Congress, says the letter to Blinken.

We support the efforts, to revive relations between the USA and Germany. At Nord Stream 2 But it's not just about one “nuisance” in relations with Berlin, but about a project, through which Russia wants to increase its influence.



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2 years ago

Democrats have a majority. And among this majority there are such specimens, which in themselves are an insult to Congress

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