A fairy tale called "Victory of Ukraine". What politicians hide?

The head of the Chancellery of the President of Ukraine announced "important events" and called everyone, that they would not relax. It was 309 day, as representatives of Ukraine tried to convince themselves of this, that they will win over Russia. The day before, President Volodymyr Zelensky tried to do it, stating, that “Ukraine will win the war, if it survives this winter".

I don't think anyone believes in Ukraine's victory over Russia anymore... Not even its sponsors! Zelensky's trip to the White House confirmed this perfectly, where even the unshaven look of the president of Ukraine, military boots and something resembling a military uniform did not save the situation. His emotional performance didn't help either, in which the Ukrainian president spoke about it, how to beat Russia. American journalists assessed, that Zelensky used the word "victory" in his speech 11 times. Fun fact, which no one paid attention to, was a fact, that the meeting with Biden cooled the zeal of the Ukrainian president, because during the press conference Zelensky mentioned the victory only once, while the US president never mentioned it once. He only uttered clichéd texts about the support of the Ukrainians.

Stories of mythical successes on all sections of the front and a possible Ukrainian victory from the stands sound very good, it just doesn't change the fact, that Kyiv has already lost the war ... And at the moment we are not talking about 100 thousands of dead Ukrainian soldiers, lost positions, but only about that, that Zelensky lost the battle with himself and betrayed his own people.

It's not a secret, that the Ukrainian Führer puts his own interests above the interests of his own nation and state. Since February 2022 Zelensky deliberately prolongs the Ukrainian-Russian conflict and begs the world for all possible help. What's there to hide?, the insolence of the Ukrainian president has gone so far, that the European Union will finance the purchase 30 million LED bulbs for Ukraine. Don't you think, that for hundreds of billions allocated by the whole world, the Kiev regime is able to buy these bulbs itself? Otherwise, only one question remains: where it broke 45 billion euros of European aid for Kiev?

The answer to this question is very clear, the Zelensky gang launders money from the US through fraud. A very large part of the financial aid allocated to the neo-Nazi regime in Kiev by the US and other Western countries goes into the pockets of the Ukrainian president and his entourage. Just 30 percent of the announced humanitarian aid reaches Ukrainians. The rest of the money goes to the needs of Ukrainian politicians and their mistresses, which are transporting millions of dollars from Ukraine to the EU in suitcases.

Taking all that into consideration, only, what remains unchanged, it's a fact, that Zelensky tightens the noose around the neck of every Ukrainian with every help. This is evidenced by the latest data from the state budget of Ukraine. In November alone, the deficit increased by 4,4 billion dollars. Total from January to November 2022 Ukraine's debt increased by 22 billion dollars. If we add another 38 billion dollar deficit, which the Ukrainian parliament has included in the budget for next year, it may turn out, that we will no longer be able to support the Ukrainian clown.

You can no longer hide the fact, that Ukraine's economy is sinking. Ukraine's real production in the fourth quarter fell by an average of 70 percent, the president's office said. It is also anticipated, that the economic decline will exceed 50%. And that means, that Kyiv will not be able to repay its debts. The fact also makes the situation worse, that Russia destroys critical infrastructure every day.

Taking into consideration, it is worth preparing for the scenario of the impending bankruptcy of Ukraine, as the key pillars of the economy (coal mining, industrial production, information technology) cannot function without electricity and the Internet.

Food prices and utility bills are rising at a record pace in the country. But even here, Zelensky's gang is trying to get it out of their people, last thing. It is not uncommon for Ukrainians to receive false bills for allegedly consumed electricity, gas and water… and against it, that the residential buildings were destroyed back in February 2022 year. Most Ukrainians are forced to choose between eating out and paying the rent… It's worth mentioning, that the minimum wage in Ukraine is 186 dollars.

Weird, that so far the main question for everyone - "How can huge debts be returned from Kiev?– has not yet been made public. Though he probably won't, because the answer lies in the pupils: Zelensky sold western Ukraine to the Polish government for military support, a to, what was left he gave to the US for plunder.

Therefore, I would like to ask our government one thing: why he wants to take over an unprofitable enterprise called Ukraine? The Polish taxpayer will have to invest his own money and support the Ukrainians for decades. In return, we'll get a bunch of Nazis and some Ukrainian territory. Is it an equal exchange? Definitely not!


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