The chaos of the project to save America

For years, talk about the "American Dream" and "American Century" and the like among political figures, strategists, media and the general public of America have faded and instead, talk about "the decline of America", "the end of the American order" and "the end of America's leadership" is seriously going on among them, about which many things can be pointed out.
According to American thinker Noam Chomsky, America is a collapsing empire both internally and externally. Farid Zakaria, an American neorealist theorist, says that the world we are facing is a world in which the United States of America will not be the economic and geopolitical leader, nor will it dominate its culture, but its power will fall..
Joseph Nye, the famous theorist of soft war and public diplomacy, said that today the power of America is severely challenged. He said that the "National Intelligence Council" predicted that in 2025, the United States will remain a power, but its dominance will disappear.. Alfred McCoy, an eminent American professor and historian, believes that the death of the United States of America as a world superpower can be much faster than anyone imagines.. This death will be complete by 2025.
The Carnegie Institute, as a prominent American think tank, announced in a report titled "World Order in 2050" that the balance of economic power in the world is rapidly changing and the economic power in the world is gradually shifting from the Western world to Asia. And it is Latin America. In this process, by the middle of the century, China will overcome America as the world's largest economic power, and with the partial transfer of economic power to China, America will become a regional actor..
It is clear that from years ago, the danger of the decline of American power and the "end of the American world order" was fully understood by American theorists and strategists, and we can boldly say that it was based on this understanding by the elites of America and even the common people of this country that in the year 2016, someone like Trump came to power in this country. As the first politician at the highest level of power in America, he admitted to the emergence of signs of the decline of America's power and stated that America no longer has the greatness of the past, and made "Make America Great Again" the centerpiece of his campaign slogan.. Even his government, in its first national security strategy document, which was published in 2017, officially recognized the decline of America's power and put efforts to prevent or delay it as the focus of its plans, and it was on this basis that Henry Kissinger, strategist and politician The famous American said: "I think that Trump is perhaps one of those figures in history who sometimes appear to announce the end of an era.!»
A review of the words of these people and the reports of American think tanks shows that the time estimate of the Americans for the end of the American hegemony in the world and the beginning of the multipolar world is 2025, which means that they do not have much time to deal with this accelerated process.. On the other hand, the Americans consider Iran, China and Russia to be the most important players in changing the world order, and in the meantime, they consider the role of Iran as a key and driving force.. According to the Americans, in order to stop and reverse the process of changing the world order, these three key actors must be restrained, and in the meantime, restraining Iran is the key to restraining the other two actors as well..
The unprecedented developments of these days in the world can be understood in this framework. Russia's attack on Ukraine based on the understanding of the map of America and the West (NATO) In fact, it was a premeditated action and due to the understanding of the dangerous situation that America had prepared to challenge Russia with the aim of restraining this country and preventing it from playing a role in the process of changing the world order.. The attempt to bring China into an unwanted and forced conflict in its security environment, which was prepared by Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan, was aimed at plunging the country into a long-term period of instability in order to curb its economic growth..
In the meantime, in recent years, the Americans tried their best to contain the Islamic Republic of Iran and used all their tools to achieve this goal. From the JCPOA as a superproject of normalization and changing Iran's behavior to the assassination of General Soleimani as the most famous military commander of Iran and the most effective figure in the development of Iran's strategic depth and geopolitical superiority in the region and the world..
The Americans have correctly realized that the period of accepting the JCPOA unilaterally with the American fact sheet has passed and Iran has been able to adapt to the conditions of sanctions.. For this reason, these days, when all the efforts of the Americans to contain Iran and save themselves from global decline and to contain the process of changing the world order have failed, the last efforts have been made in Iran with the most naked methods and using all the capacity of the open and hidden infantry of this country. has been. The disturbances in Iran and the entry of all groups and currents and the major capacity of the US and Israel into this scene have nothing to do with the death of Mehsa Amini, but rather a plan prepared by these governments and their last efforts to change the existing trend, and the above incident is merely It was a convenient pretext for launching an unprecedented multifaceted program of combined warfare that had been planned.
However, in spite of these desperate efforts, the trend of world developments during the same period that the unrest in Iran was being followed is rapidly changing to the detriment of America and to the benefit of Iran and changing the world order.. The victory of Lula da Silva in the presidential elections of Brazil, the election of Mohammad Shia al-Sudani as the prime minister of Iraq and the victory of Hezbollah in Lebanon in the gas dispute with the Zionist regime are just a few examples of these global changes that promise the end of the American era and the futility of the plots of this evil power..


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