Putin announced: Russia's 'unstoppable'’ new hypersonic missile called

Russian President Vladimir Putin, announced that the newly developed Zircon hypersonic cruise missiles will be ready for use in the Russian navy in a few months..

Russian leader speaking at the Navy Day ceremony in Saint Petersburg, He said that the missiles, which he said are "unique in the world", will be deployed in regions suitable for Russian interests.. Announcing that the Admiral Gorshkov frigate, attached to the Navy, will be deployed with new hypersonic missiles, Putin, also signed a new decree in the field of defense.

Putin, "The important thing here is that the Russian navy can respond with lightning speed to any threat to our sovereignty," he said..

Ships of the Russian fleet also attended the ceremony..

of the explanation, It was noteworthy that it came after Ukrainian forces struck the Russian fleet in Crimea, which Russia annexed in 2014.. Navy Day events in Crimea were canceled due to the attack in which five soldiers were injured..

At the ceremony attended by Putin, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, Russian Navy Commander-in-Chief Nikolay Evmenov and Deputy Commander of the Western Military District of the Russian Army Vladimir Koçetkov were also present.. More than 40 warships in the parade of the Russian navy, boat and submarine, 42 airplane and 3 bin 500 Russian naval soldier taking part, Russian state coat of arms on Putin and his entourage 001 He saluted the navy ships in a boat numbered.

Zircon hypersonic missiles, per hour 10 It can reach a speed of 1,000 kilometers.. Missile 'Unstoppable'’ and 'invincible'’ Putin, who defines himself as a Russian, stated that they can hit almost any point in the world with their new weapons..

British newspaper The Sun about the Zircon missile introduced in March, “Russia, London 5 released images of a hypersonic nuclear missile that could hit in minutes” had commented.

Zircon missiles that the Russian army has recently tried on warships and submarines, can travel nine times faster than sound.

Russian President Putin, previously announced that the Russian intercontinental ballistic missile called Sarmat, which NATO describes as "Satan II", will begin to be used by the end of this year.. Russia, 18 He announced that with this missile, which has the ability to hit a target at a distance of 1,000 kilometers, it can hit most of Europe in minutes..


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