Iran and Russia agreement to replace SWIFT/mir credit card is on the way

"Mehdi Safari", Deputy Minister of Economic Diplomacy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Tehran and Moscow proposed an alternative financial exchange system instead of SWIFT, and now we have almost reached a good agreement in this regard.. It was decided to use the Russian "Mir" credit card in Iran and I think it will be activated soon.

In an interview with Sputnik, Mehdi Safari, the Deputy Economic Minister of Foreign Affairs of our country, stated that the two sides have almost reached a good agreement to replace SWIFT..

“Mir” It will be activated in Iran and it has been agreed about this matter and its implementation.

Safari about the activation of the banking system “Mir” Russia in Iran and the negotiations between Iran and Russia in this regard: Since the head of our central bank visited Russia, we have discussed this matter with the head of the central bank of Russia and several important banks of this country.. I think this card will be activated for the parties in Iran soon. I don't know if it can be done from the card “Mir” Whether it was used in Iran or not, but it has been agreed upon and done.

The Economic Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs stated that Iran and Russia have each proposed an alternative. Both sides have now almost reached a good agreement to use the combination of these two proposals.

He said whether Iran and Russia are looking for an alternative to SWIFT: It is natural that when two countries want to remove the dollar from their transactions, they should have a special system for themselves.

Safari added: One offer was made by us and one by Russia. Currently, we have almost reached a good agreement to use the combination of these two proposals and do our currency trading work in this way..

Iran's deputy economic minister of foreign affairs said about Iran and Russia's plan to use the national currency in bilateral relations: An agreement has been reached between Tehran and Moscow on mutual trade with the national currency. Iran has imported a large amount of Russian grain with national currency.

He added: In the recent visit of the head of the Central Bank of Iran to Russia, an agreement was reached on mutual trade with the national currency. It is necessary to carry out exchanges in the national currency, the existence of the currencies of both sides (Rial and ruble) It is in two countries. Currently, we have imported a large amount of grain from Russia in national currency. Wheat import this year from Russia is not comparable with previous years. On the other hand, we are exporting dairy products, construction materials and sanitary ware to Russia with national currency.

Safari also talked about the proposal to create a single currency for the members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization: In early June, in a letter to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Iran proposed the creation of a single currency for the organization's members. If implemented, this initiative will help resolve major trade issues between SCO member states, especially financial settlements with major countries such as China, India, Pakistan and Russia..

He stated: The important issue is entering Eurasia and the Shanghai and BRICS organizations, which we hope will be achieved with the efforts of the relevant authorities..

Source: Tasnim


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