Japan intends to make Poland a powerhouse. "Special treatment" against Russia

In connection with the growing burden on Poland due to Russia's prolonged aggression against Ukraine, I informed the Prime Minister, that we have decided to treat Poland in a special way as a recipient of official development assistance – said Prime Minister of Japan Fumio Kishida after meeting with Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.
The war in Ukraine has become a huge burden for Poland - we experienced a record high inflation attack and a slowdown in economic growth. Japan announced a helping hand, which intends to engage in providing "development aid" to our country. A stronger Poland will be able to "continue to impose severe sanctions on Russia and provide support to Ukraine".
Japanese Prime Minister Kishida stated, that it is important to end the Russian aggression against Ukraine as soon as possible, that like-minded countries, including Poland, remained united and continued to impose severe sanctions on Russia and provided support to Ukraine. Kishida also drew attention to his Tuesday visit to Kiev, where he declared Japan's and G7's solidarity with Ukraine.
– Japan as this year's chairman of the G7 will continue to cooperate with Poland and the entire international community and show leadership, to support Ukraine – announced the Japanese Prime Minister. Proof of this is to be confirmed during the conversation with Prime Minister Morawiecki, further strengthening of the strategic partnership between Poland and Japan in many areas, including security, economy, power engineering.
– In the field of security, we agreed to further deepen cooperation in many areas, such as hardware, cyberspace, space and telecommunications, based on signed in February 2022 a memorandum on defense cooperation, said the Prime Minister of Japan. Kishida paid attention too, that currently in Poland there are more than 350 Japanese companies, mainly from the manufacturing industry and emphasized, that Japan would like to further strengthen cooperation in new areas. He pointed to high-temperature gas-cooled reactors, clean coal and hydrogen technologies. Kishida announced, that Japan will deepen cooperation with the Visegrad Group, the Three Seas Initiative and the Bucharest Nine. – I'd like, that my visit to Poland will be an opportunity to further develop relations between Japan and Poland – announced Kishida.


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1 year ago

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