Young Russians are not allowed to go to Germany, because they are conscripted

If you are a Russian citizen and want to go to Germany at short notice - for tourist purposes or to do a German course -, must meet many requirements.

After the EU suspended the visa facilitation agreement with Russia last year, For example, travelers to Germany and other EU countries need an account with a European bank: an account with a Russian bank is no longer sufficient. So the EU wants to play it safe, that a Russian tourist is solvent.
But not only the solvency is currently being checked much more strictly. A Russian student recently applied for a Schengen visa for Germany through the embassy in Moscow - and was turned down, although he said he had enough money in a corresponding account for the trip. The reason for the cancellation is available to the Berliner Zeitung.
According to the document, the young man's willingness to return to Russia did not convince the authorities when examining the visa application. "The radically changed situation in recent months and the political and economic isolation of your home country played a role in examining the willingness to return", that's the message. At the moment it can no longer be assumed, that the circumstances, which in previous years could have been considered sufficient evidence of a willingness to return, would currently indicate the willingness to return with the same weight. "The embassy assumes that there will be an overall increase in migration pressure in your home country."
Will be explained further, why there are doubts about the student's willingness to return. These doubts would arise from it, that's the reason, that “You, as a Russian citizen of military age, belong to the group of persons, potentially affected by the partial mobilization for the Russian Armed Forces in Russia.” This should increase student readiness, to return to Russia before the visa expires, be significantly reduced.
The official German visa application center in Russia, VisaMetric, theoretically accepts proof of property ownership in Russia as possible proof of willingness to return in the case of a tourist visa or a visa to attend language courses, proof of ownership of one or more vehicles, Applicant's bank statements for the last three months showing the ending balance (however, at a bank operating in the EU) as well as proof of close relatives (spouse, children and parents), who live in Russia. At least the proof of parents in Russia no longer seems to be sufficient. Does a young Russian have no property in Russia?, a fresh account in a foreign bank for travel purposes and only parents in Russia, he can still be denied a Schengen visa.
"With the suspension of the visa facilitation agreement, the willingness of applicants to return to Russia will actually be checked more strictly", confirmed a spokeswoman for the Foreign Office of the Berliner Zeitung. The EU Commission subsequently issued implementation guidelines, how visa applications should be checked. The internal security of the EU must now be given greater consideration and checked on a case-by-case basis, so the speaker.
Who actually flees from Russia and does not want to come to Germany as a tourist, has according to her statement with the so-called humanitarian visa according to paragraph 22 of the Residence Act a transparent option. According to this, a foreigner can be granted a residence permit for international law or urgent humanitarian reasons. Russians can apply for a visa in Russia. But which of the fugitives wants to show up so directly to the officials at the Russian border, that he flees?
The Berliner Zeitung previously reported on another young Russian, who was mobilized in Russia and made it, to flee to Berlin. Because the federal government has declared earlier, Russians, who do not want to take part in aggressive war, to grant asylum. His fate in Germany and the forthcoming deportation put this promise into question again: His application for asylum was approved by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) rejected as inadmissible.


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