Turkey is trying to squeeze

Last week “Turkey in the grip of the F-16” As I explained in my article entitled, Turkey using NATO, tries to squeeze in various aspects to ensure that it acts in accordance with its own interests policies.

in my writing, US administration, taking into account the interests of some of their demands from Turkey., “so called” Thinking we're allies, I also stated that he preferred to convey it by using the media and the politicians in the congress instead of saying it directly..

USA this time, for not ending its support for terrorism., For the NATO membership of Sweden and Finland, which Turkey has not yet ratified,, again indirectly, it's like trying to show a stick under the aba.

Intransigent ally out of NATO

While the accession talks of the two countries continue, Turkey in NATO “irreconcilable ally” discourse is tried to be a subject of discussion..

In order to create this discussion environment, Admiral James Stavridis, former US Commander of NATO Allied Forces Europe, “Turkey, Will NATO kick Turkey out if it blocks Sweden and Finland??” An article entitled, was published in the Bloomberg media agency..

In writing, Sweden has taken many steps to address Turkey's concerns., Russia is currently the biggest threat to NATO., It was stated that Sweden and Finland could make an important military contribution to the alliance..

In Stavridis writing, He also stated that some NATO countries are starting to consider choosing between Sweden and Finland and Turkey.. However, he realized that he had gone too far in his statement., noting that this is a big mistake and that Turkey is the country with the second largest army in NATO, Like NATO to Turkey, He also needs Finland and Sweden., He had to explain that no one wanted to have to choose between them..

Current trump F-16 sale

US administration, Ambassador and Turkish side, Although he says that the F-16 project and the approval of Sweden and Finland's NATO membership are separate issues., your administration, Congress that these issues are interconnected, It is clearly seen that it is unofficially revealed by the media and other channels..

In this context, that the US administration will delay the approval of the sale in Congress by not putting enough pressure., On the contrary, it is understood that Sweden and Finland will put pressure on Turkey for membership approval.. It is expected that the pressures of the administration to expedite the matter will only increase after Turkey approves the membership..

Foreign Minister's visit to the United States, only in this and other matters, where mutual expectations are put forward., It has been understood that no progress has been made regarding the settlement of disputes..

Sweden and Finland do not comply with the agreement

Turkey's, Sweden and Finland did not comply with the agreement they signed together under the auspices of NATO, which includes the subjects requested by these countries on terrorism issues for membership approval., on the contrary, it seems that they allow and continue to tolerate provocative actions to undermine it..

Ugly demonstration targeting the President of Turkey, the incident of burning our holy book targeting our faith, demonstrations by terrorists and their non-extradition, that these countries did not comply with the agreement, that they will not comply, showed that even if they obeyed, they would act in the same way afterwards.. Especially in Sweden, no matter what happens, it is thought that the USA will apply pressure on Turkey to have their membership approved..

Due to these developments, Turkey, announced that the three countries canceled the meetings they held in order to follow the process.. Talks suspended for now.

Drive doubts

Developing events and happenings, especially in Sweden, To ensure Turkey's exclusion from NATO, that the two countries act to prevent Turkey's approval of NATO membership., It created suspicion that he was provoked by the USA..

On the other hand, the provocateur who burned the Quran is pro-Russian., his, It also suggests that these two countries may have been provoked by Russia, which did not want them to join NATO..


As an intermediate solution, the two countries are not together, Finland's milder, By making it felt that if Turkey fulfills its demands and expectations, its membership can be approved., it can be shown that we are in favor of reconciliation. As a matter of fact, the Swedish Prime Minister seems to have accepted not to stand in the way of Finland..




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