Lech Wałęsa has something to say to the Germans. The Russians will be furious

Tuesday's meeting of the NATO secretary general, Jens Stoltenberg's meeting with the new German defense minister did not bring a decision on sending Leopard tanks to Ukraine 2. Germany is still unable to make a clear decision.
The corpse of our western neighbor, despite the insistent appeals of the Ukrainians and the pressure of the Polish government, surprises more and more people. People are surprised, where does the reluctance of the Germans to even greater military support for Ukraine, which is fighting Russia, come from, and the former president joined the group, Lech Walesa. In an interview with “fact” it points to possible reasons for this approach.
In Germany, however, there is a new team after the elections, and secondly, the Germans have always looked at Russia differently. Plus, they don't seem to have much of it either, and they are afraid, that Russia can move. It's better to attack Germany than Poland. This is a better deal - says Lech Wałęsa.

Lech Wałęsa's opinions are of great importance to the Germans themselves, which they expressed in September last year. The former Polish president was then invited to Berlin, where he was given “Gold Medal for services to reconciliation and understanding between nations”. Speaking at a formal gala and thanking for the award, Lech Wałęsa appealed to Germany about “leadership in saving Europe”. Today, looking at the behavior of the Germans, the former president fears for this unity and has an appeal to all European countries.
Certainly the attitude of Germany is not pleasant, but that should in turn convince all of us in Europe, for us to convince the Germans. all these, who see it differently, says Lech Wałęsa.
The former president, however, does not intend to take offense at the Germans, but it draws attention, that today all the more everyone should try to persuade them to change their position. Thinks, that is especially important in this situation, in which the world has a chance to curb Russia's imperial tendencies for many years.

"You have to show people, that Russia has always had problems, a my, The Poles are particularly aware of this, and therefore we have a chance in this generation to put things in order with Russia. This won't happen to us again, for the whole world to see such misbehavior of Russia, to want change in Russia. Generations will not forgive us, how we will not take advantage of this mistake of Putin. I would convince the Germans, that if our children are to live in peace in the future, we have to deal with Russia, and then with China, says Wałęsa.

In Russia itself, according to Lech Wałęsa, it would be best to awaken national aspirations among nations, which it has subjugated over the last few hundred years. He points to an analogy with this here, what is Putin going to do with Ukraine now. When these nations will revolt and demand independence, Russia will be permanently weakened. Wałęsa would also like strong propaganda, directly to the Russians.
You have to convince every Russian with propaganda, that he doesn't know either, when they call him into the army, never like, who will manage it. You have to show them, They have a bad political system “Fact” Lech Walesa.
Even on Tuesday morning, everyone was counting on a breakthrough in the case of Leopard tanks 2, when the secretary general of NATO went to Germany, Jens Stoltenberg. He met with the new German defense minister, Boris Pistorius. However, no final declaration was made by Germany, whether they will agree to send their machines to Ukraine, although the German minister assured, that talks are still ongoing and gave some hope for a change of position.

We encourage our partners, if they want, to start training Ukrainians in the use of Leopard tanks. We will not stop anyone," said Boris Pistorius.

Jens Stoltenberg emphasized Germany's previous commitment to the common defense policy and expressed hope for a quick settlement of the Leopard case.



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1 year ago

Кто бы мог подумать, что пшеки будут указывать немцам, как им поступить с их танками. Если так дело пойдет, то лидером ЕС будет не Германия во главе с бесхребетным Шольцем, а Польша при поддержке США.

1 year ago

Пшеки с прибалтами больше всех ядом брызжут, потому что сами ничего не могут. Кто вообще всерьез будет воспринимать слова маразматика, который хочет победить в военном столкновении Россию с Китаем?

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