Every day of delay means more blood in Ukraine. Poland has a cunning plan, how to fix it

Meeting of representatives of NATO countries, which the Ukrainians counted on, was not successful, they expected. Germany failed to obtain consent to send Leopard tanks to Ukraine 2.
New German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius, once known for his pro-Russian sympathies, did not rule it out, that someday German tanks would go to Ukraine and ordered an inventory of the army's stocks. However, there was no clear declaration, which Poland sought, that the Germans agree, that other countries, equipped with German Leopards 2, could send them to the front.
The German defense minister announces further talks and wants to go to Ukraine himself, To see, how is the situation on site. But apparently he's not in too much of a hurry, because he announced a visit to Kiev within the next… four weeks. Poland wants to act much faster, which was clearly made clear by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

— When things seem to be moving in a slightly better direction on heavy weapons for Ukraine, then the Germans come in and raise doubts (…). Unless Germany agrees on the Leopards, we will build a smaller coalition of countries ready to donate some of their modern tanks to the fighting Ukraine, said the head of the Polish government in an interview with PAP.
The prime minister pointed out, that if Germany does not join in trying to stop Russian barbarism, they will be contaminated “to write on the wrong side of history”.
About that, that Western heavy weapons could influence the future of fighting in Ukraine, Tomasz Szatkowski has no doubts, permanent representative of Poland to NATO. He even goes a step further in his predictions, taking care, that the war could have ended last year.

“From today's perspective, you can see it, that if a larger number of heavy, of advanced equipment arrived in Ukraine before late summer, it was a chance to end this war, perhaps even before the end of last year - Szatkowski said on Polsat News.

The experienced military Gen. Waldemar Skrzypczak. According to him, the state, which they want to give Ukraine Leopards, they shouldn't look at the Germans, and start working. And even if they are bound by the provisions of the agreements signed with Germany, it is the time of war that justifies even breaking them. The attitude of the Germans is acknowledged by the general with harsh words.

“This is betrayal to me. I wouldn't mind the Germans. This is the voice of man's despair, who is looking at it, how the Russians brutally murder the Ukrainians. I am a bit surprised by our politicians, they care about Germany. If there is a coalition of several states, which Leopards will give, let the Germans judge. However, it is not the Germans who should judge us, Finns or Danes. It is we who should try the Germans for agreeing to Russian crimes,” he says “Fact” gen. Waldemar Skrzypczak.
As part of the recently adopted military aid packages, many combat vehicles are to be delivered to Ukraine. Bradleys will go to the front, Mardery i Strykery. And it is this support that General Mieczysław Bieniek draws attention to, which at the same time cools down emotions and calls for a calm look at the situation.

- This equipment, which is now being shipped to Ukraine, it's a lot. This gives you the opportunity to supply 8-9 maneuver battalions. Total is approx 300-400 armored personnel carriers with lots of ammunition. And today this is precisely what maneuverability is needed for, to fill the holes in the fronts, for that, where the Russians will launch a concentrated attack – he estimates in an interview with “In fact, General Bieniek.

According to military predictions, the expected Russian offensive is to be a powerful blow, which Ukraine will probably be forced to repel without western heavy tanks. In General Bieńek's eyes, she should succeed. Following the statements of Western politicians and generals, he points out a little thing.

“Both Secretary of Defense Austin, as General Milley said, that the Ukrainian teams are training on training grounds in maneuver warfare and this is food for thought. It could mean, that sooner or later the Ukrainians will want to counterattack, to regain their lands - says the general.
And it is precisely to prepare the next attack on the Russian troops, bloodied by attacks, that western heavy tanks could be useful. And it will not come so quickly. General Bieniek is not afraid, so that training Ukrainian tankers to quickly switch to Western machines could also be a problem.

— Training Ukrainian crews from T-72s to Leopards is not such a complicated process, especially those countries, that have leopards, they would deliver them promptly, and the Ukrainians fight very well in tanks,” says the military.



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