NATO pledges to deliver more heavy weapons “in the near future”

NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, said on Sunday 15 January during an interview with a German media that Ukraine could expect new deliveries of heavy armament from its Western allies “in the near future”.
“The recent promises of delivery of heavy armament are important – and I expect there will be more in the near future”, Jens Stoltenberg told the daily Handelsblatt, before a new coordination meeting on 20 January Western countries providing aid to Ukraine, on the American base of Ramstein, in Germany.
The day before, answering the urgent calls of the Ukrainians, the United Kingdom has already promised the delivery of heavy Challenger tanks 2. Their number is not specified., but the United Kingdom thus becomes the first country to commit to sending this type of armored vehicle to help Ukraine against Russian forces.

Several British media refer to the supply of 12 Challenger 2 : four would be dispatched immediately and another eight would follow at short notice. kyiv had already received heavy tanks of Soviet design from its allies – close to 300 -, but still none of Western manufacture.

London's gesture is 'a good signal', judged President Zelensky. It comes after Poland said it was ready on Wednesday to deliver 14 Leopard heavy tanks 2 German design, which requires the approval of Berlin, as part of an international coalition.


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