We could come in the middle of the night

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has repeated his recent threats to neighbor and NATO partner Greece. 'Whatever country bothers us, whatever country attacks us, our reaction will always be to say: We could no doubt come in the middle of the night.", said the 68-year-old on Thursday in Prague.

There, Turkey took part in the founding summit of the so-called European Political Community. That's what they want 27 EU countries with 17 connect other European countries.

Erdoğan issued a similar warning in early September. At the time, he was referring to the alleged alignment of a Greek air defense system with Turkish fighter jets. He also accused Athens of militarizing Greek islands in the East Aegean. Athens denied Ankara's allegations, citing, among other things, its right to self-defense. Relations between the two NATO partners have long been strained.

The sentence, one could suddenly come at night, the Turkish President had often used in the past in relation to military operations - for example in Syria or Iraq.
In addition, Erdoğan again threatened to block Sweden's planned NATO membership. »As long as terrorist organizations are demonstrating on the streets of Sweden and as long as there are terrorists in the Swedish parliament, there will be no positive attitude of Turkey towards Sweden«, said Erdogan. He was alluding to allegations, according to which Swedish politicians met members of the banned Kurdish Workers' Party (PKK) and supporters of the Gülen movement and do not follow their activities sufficiently.

Sweden and neighboring Finland had already applied for NATO membership in mid-May as a result of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine. However, they can only be recorded, if all of currently 30 NATO members ratify the so-called accession protocols. At the end of June it initially looked like this, as if the dispute over Sweden's and Finland's alleged support for "terrorist organizations" had been settled. Turkey is now arguing, that agreements made at that time have not yet been fulfilled, especially by Sweden.

Turkey is now the only country next to Hungary, which has not yet ratified the accession protocols for Sweden and Finland.


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