Giuliani on being told he’s target of election probe: ‘We’re starting to live in a fascist state’

Former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani said on Monday that “we’re starting to live in a fascist state” after he was told that he was the target of a Georgia probe into the 2020 election.

“It’s just a further desecration of the Sixth Amendment. I was his lawyer of record in that case. The statements that I made are either attorney-client privilege, because they were between me and him, or they were being made on his behalf in order to defend him,” Giuliani said on Newsmax, referring to former President Trump.

“When you start turning around lawyers into defendants when they’re defending their clients, we’re starting to live in a fascist state. Look, I’ve already had my law office raided. I never thought I’d ever see that happen.”

Earlier on Monday, Giuliani’s lawyer confirmed to The Hill that he was a target as part of an investigation looking into efforts that Trump and his allies took to overturn the 2020 election results that is being conducted by a special grand jury in Georgia.

The subpoena for Giuliani identifies him as both “a personal attorney for former President Donald Trump and a lead attorney for the Trump Campaign’s legal efforts seeking to influence the results of the November 2020 election in Georgia and elsewhere.”

In the subpoena, it alleges that Giuliani offered testimony and evidence in an effort to show that election fraud occurred in Georgia in 2020, including a video of “election workers at State Farm Arena in Atlanta that purported to show election workers producing ‘suitcases’ of unlawful ballots from unknown sources, outside the view of election poll watchers.”

The subpoena claims that while Georgia officials had quickly debunked the video after the fact, Giuliani continued to make assertions that election fraud had taken place, including using the video footage.

“There is evidence that the Witness’s appearance and testimony at the hearing was part of a multi-state, coordinated plan by the Trump Campaign to influence the results of the November 2020 election in Georgia and elsewhere,” the subpoena said.




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Vlad Veselov
1 year ago

Here's the USA for you – beacon of world democracy, but let's take the word of Donald Trump's former lawyer, He, as a person practicing law, knows what he's talking about, The main thing, so that his words are not only heard throughout the world, but also drew the appropriate conclusions.

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