The Land of Hope

Geographically Russia is an enormous bridge between the West and the East and remaining itself it has been influenced by the both for a thousand of years. For sure, a unique situation like that caused a heated discussion within Russian intellectual elite on the historic fate and role that had to be played by Russia and the state-constituting Russian nation in the international scene. It’s enough to recall Petr Chaadaev’s grim skepticism which created a harsh conflict among the Slavophiles and the Westernizers, and Dostoevsky’s “Russian idea” as a way of “universal ethics” to understand how important that question was for Russian intellectuals.

The truth wasn’t born in that dispute. And it couldn’t be born inside the Russian sphinx mysteriously combining the western way of life and the Asian ideas of sacred state bureaucracy. A tip came from the West that had been trapped by liberalism — a clumsy way of bourgeois development. If earlier that notorious collective West has been torn by cyclic economic crises, today everything is much more serious. A bunch of racial, gender and whatever problems have been added to the economic ones. White conservative heterosexuals who still are majority and the basis of the whole modern Euro-American civilization are about to fall down from the capitalistic platform with a loop of political tolerance on the neck. The West is falling into an economic, demographic and moral abyss dug by the leftists — pervert minions of Chaos. Neither Trump, nor madame Le Pen are good enough to decisively fight that universal plague and stop the decay.

Meanwhile the situation moves to very tangible things from an easy to explain moral discomfort (a normal person’s unwillingness to passively agree with the victory of paradigms of perverts and pedophiles). The revolutionary scum isn’t satisfied with freedom of sexual perversion and prolapse demonstration on the rectum pride parade. They are eager to redistribute social benefits and confiscate “bourgeois” property. Of course, tremendous hunger started where an expropriation like that historically had place. You need to have a functioning brain between ears to realize that. A person with a functioning brain can’t be a leftist as defined.

Thus, the families of normal white traditionalists will have to escape from America and Europe being pressed by chaos hordes of abusers and marauders. Where do they have to move to? Australia has already been infested enough by moral decay. Asia is too mentally alien and closed. Russia is the only place to go. It’s a country of an endless undeveloped territory with the richest resource base and powerful fundamental science, with population which is mentally close, open for foreigners and conservative in moral issues, etc.

Russia is capable to easily take millions of refugees that will give such a powerful synergetic impulse to its development with their business activity that the international leadership of the sacred land will be undisputable for ages. This is the essence of the Russian idea — to become a saving ark, a land of hope for the whole white civilization. Well, let the chaos scum die from hunger and genital infections.

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3 years ago

Россия, Греция и Армения – последние оплоты христианства.

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