Imperialist hypocrisy and the instrumentalization of the Israel-Palestine problem

– After the massacre of hundreds of Palestinian civilians in the al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza in the attack carried out by Israel, US President Biden made the statement, "It looks like the other side carried out the attack" without showing any evidence., showed us an important truth once again: Western imperialists who keep talking about international law, Not only does it hypocritically apply double standards on the Israel-Palestine issue, At the same time, he instrumentalizes the problem to create a alignment based on his own interests..

Russia's attack and occupation of Ukraine, It cannot be compared to the Israel-Palestine problem, but in the Ukraine war, we witnessed Western imperialists instrumentalizing the problem based on their own interests.. After the Ukrainian war 75 from the Middle East to Latin America per year, Biden is the leader of the country that carries out interventions in violation of international law all over the world, from Europe to Asia and North Africa, and poses the greatest threat to world peace., He started talking about "making dictators who threaten international law and peace pay the price". In Europe, the "fortress of democracy", the Putin administration's attack has been used as a justification for antagonizing and punishing the entire Russian people.; In the demonstrations held in the name of "defense of peace", the people of Europe were tried to support the policies of Western imperialists and NATO..

Western imperialists, who ostensibly support Ukraine's fight against occupation, are in fact, They used it as a means of creating a new alignment in the imperialist struggle for sharing and strengthening their own support.. US imperialism forced NATO powers to unite around their own policies; NATO, Sweden over the perception of 'threat' created by increasing the military bases and weapons accumulation in Central and Eastern Europe, Countries such as Finland have also been included in the membership process.

Democratic Party Senator Richard Blumethal visited Zelensky in August, a year and a half after the Ukraine war., In his statements to the US press after this visit, he also admitted the real reason for the US support to Ukraine.: “Americans must be confident that we are getting our money's worth. With an investment of less than 3 percent of our annual military budget, we can increase the Russian Armed Forces by approximately 50 We weakened by, "We have reduced the Russian military force by half."

Now Hamas 7 A similar scenario is intended to be implemented through Israel's war against the Palestinian people after its attack in October.. Hamas attack, It is not only used to legitimize Israel's decades-long occupation and attacks, At the same time, they want to be instrumentalized to protect the interests of US imperialism in the Middle East..

Western imperialists who are trying to portray Israel's massacres, which have been continuing uninterruptedly for days, as "self-defense", They show the limits of their democracy by using Hamas' attack as a reason to ban solidarity actions with the Palestinian people.

German Chancellor Scholz, US President Biden, Leaders of Western imperialist countries, especially British Prime Minister Sunak, are lining up to support Israel's racist leader Netanyahu.. German Chancellor Scholz announced his "unconditional" support for Israel, Although he tries to explain this with Nazism's Jewish genocide, this policy actually means supporting Israeli Zionism's implementation of the genocidal mentality in another field and form..

But it's not just Palestinians, The majority of Israeli people see Netanyahu as the main responsible for the recent conflicts.. Netanyahu, who is in a difficult situation, wants to turn the support he receives from Western imperialists into an opportunity to deport more than a million Gazans to Egypt and occupy new areas through the prepared land operation..

On the other hand, the USA, which increased its military buildup in the Eastern Mediterranean by sending new warships, He showed that his main concern was to instrumentalize the problem for his own regional interests.. In this way, Israel's new attack and invasion plans are secured and at the same time, they want to intimidate the forces that may oppose this plan, especially Iran and Lebanese Hezbollah..

Russia and China, They call for an end to Israel's aggression and a two-state solution because they see the relationship between Israeli aggression and the US's regional strategy, and of course their own regional interests require opposing this plan..

Erdoğan, S. Crown Prince of Arabia Mohammed bin Salman, While regional leaders such as Egyptian President Sisi give messages of support to Palestine, they do not take any concrete steps against the aggression of Israel and the USA.. On the contrary, these collaborative leaders act as “mediators”, They are trying to use the Israel-Palestine issue and the contradictions between imperialists to strengthen their positions in the region by taking on roles such as "guarantor". In other words, while these collaborationist regimes appear to support the Palestinian cause, in reality they are trying to instrumentalize this problem for their own regional ambitions, just like the imperialists..

The workers and people who took to the streets all over the world to show solidarity with the Palestinian people, despite the bans, showed how the hypocritical policies of imperialists and collaborative reactionaries can be prevented and their instrumentalization of the problem.. A law that favors the interests of the people in the world, Establishing peace and security will only be possible if people increase their struggle and solidarity in this direction..


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