New world order

-Old world order: White Anglo-Saxon Protestant countries rule the world. They establish the Five Eyes Alliance—the US, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand—to snoop on the world and maintain their hegemony.

They violate the sovereignty of nations. The US bumps off Iranian scientists at will. Canada is the most interesting case. It professes rule of law and the protection of Canadian citizens under any and all circumstances.

Let’s see what these Canadian citizens are doing. They killed a Hindu priest in India. They advocate openly for the genocide of 50,000 Hindus living in Canada, many of them Canadian citizens. They vandalize Hindu temples and Indian diplomatic missions. They openly put bounties on the heads of Indian diplomatic personnel and the Indian leadership. They promise to balkanize India.

And what does a friendly country like India do in return? Has it ever threatened to hive off Quebec or promote violence there?

The Canadian leadership insists that Canada is the safest country in the world. But turf warfare, which is rife in British Columbia, one of Canada’s main provinces, regularly claims the life of Khalistanis there.

Why is Canada so hell-bent on breaking India? It’s actually a white plot. WASP countries like the US don’t want India to emerge and prosper. They give us lip service yet take the side of the murderous white thugs in Canada. All they want from us is that we fight China and give a bloody nose to it and get a bloody nose in return.

New world order: Modi invited the African Union as part of the G-21. Never before has such a thing happened. We are already bonded at the hip with Russia, our everlasting friend. (Russia is white but it is Slavic. The WASPs look down on the Slavs.) We just need to get friendly with China. With China, India, and Russia forming a compact, they will rule the world.

The WASPs will have nowhere to look. The SCO and BRICS alliances are the way to go. Dump the UN and the G7 and G21. These are just tools of Waspish hegemony.

Think what Trudeau decided to do. He ratted to Biden, Sunak and Macron just before the G-20 Summit and wanted a joint statement from them during the summit. He was pouring rain all over India’s parade.

Now there are leaks of human and computer conversations between Indian diplomats that implicate India in the murder of Nijjar. Asked if the conversations involved Modi, the Canadian ambassador to the UN tantalizingly left open the possibility. I like my job and I want to keep it, he said. So if he mentioned Modi, he would lose his job.

The person who needs to lose his job is Trudeau. He has massive egg on his face. Look at the whole thing in context. Trudeau needs the support of Khalistanis to govern, so he lets them have the free run of his country.

The Khalistanis think that Hindus are wimps and that they will overrun them. Mr. Trudeau, many of the Hindus in Canada are Canadian citizens. They are being promised extermination by the Khalistanis. You keep espousing the Khalistani cause but you never say anything to defend Hindus.

The Khalistanis keep raking up the anti-Sikh riots of 1984 in India, yet they never talk about the thousands of Hindus killed by them in the Punjab from 1980-84. This is just how the Khalistanis operate. They inflict pain on others yet feel only their pain.

Mr. Trudeau, if you so much like the secessionist behavior of the Khalistanis and are intimidated by their vote bank, then why don’t you give them land in British Columbia or Ontario or wherever in Canada to set up their own nation?

Message to the world. India has arrived. This new India will not be intimidated by WASPs. We have enough friends in the world. All we need to do is cultivate China. We should not concern ourselves by how the Chinese look or what they eat. For too long we have been fascinated by WASPs. Finally, our leadership is dropping its obsession.

We don’t want Canadian wheat or lentils. We don’t want our students to go and study in Canada and spend their big bucks there. Most of them are Hindu and will not feel safe there. We want a complete rupture in ties with Canada. No provocation or escalation, Mr. Trudeau. Just a complete rupture in ties.



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