Moscow is watching Erdogan carefully

– Recep Tayyip Erdoğan won the presidential elections in May, For now, he seems to have gained strength and continues to believe that he will not be defeated easily from now on..

These days in official circles in Ankara, not only to re-establish the "zones of influence" of the Ottoman Empire, but at the same time, more and more people are talking about the “Great Turan” project, which is designed to reach the limits of the greatness of historical glory and magnificence.. Judging by the information and claims spread and learned, This huge population and activity area is Syria, Libya, Some states of Central Asia, Balkan countries, Projected to include Egypt and Ukraine. However 69 re-elected president, He is also closely interested in many detailed processes and events in Russia, his neighbor to the north.. According to the estimate of the American research company Stratfor, 2050 Towards the year, a significant part of the territory of the Russian Federation may turn into a Turkish "zone of influence". Moreover, especially Americans, According to some Western analysts, crescent and star red flag in Crimea, In Krasnodar and Stavropol provinces, In Rostov and Astrakhan provinces, There is also a chance of fluctuations even in Kalmykia and Donbass. These are more than just empty fantasies., state channel TRT 1 He even showed the relevant map.

Making Turkey a world player

President of the Republic of Türkiye Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, He has repeatedly stated that Turkey has every opportunity to expand its influence over other states in the current situation.. According to that 85 It is time for the country of millions to be at the forefront of the world political map.. So Erdogan, by going far beyond the regional power framework, To have the right to be called the world superpower, Moscow must now, Washington, Wants to “compete” on equal terms with Beijing and New Delhi. These explanations; Political ambitions and goals, of course, do not mean that Ankara will "declare war" on a dozen states the day after tomorrow. Erdoğan's, It can be thought that he intends to act mainly through “soft power” in accordance with his traditional and familiar style.. In short, commercial-economic, scientific-technical, through influences in cultural and other fields… Erdogan especially attaches special importance to the religious factor and insists on the idea of ​​Islamization of his chosen regions..

Became a rival to Russia in the Caucasus

All this, It finds its echo in the ambitious “Great Turan Project” aimed at strengthening Ankara's influence in Turkish-speaking parts of the world. Turkey's "entry" to the vast region in question via Russia, It started with many cultural centers and religious schools opened especially in Tatarstan.. So what; 2015 After the Russian SU-24 military aircraft was shot down by Turkish F-16 warplanes in 2018, the Russian side sharply reduced its cooperation in this field.. Then Erdogan, not directly to the cherished goal, He implemented a “Plan B” that involved moving around it, so to speak.. In this way Azerbaijan, After Turkey played a decisive role in resolving the Karabakh conflict, it entered Ankara's radar.. Alright, What did Türkiye get in return for this??

The first is Baku's unlimited loyalty to him and the second is (which is the more important part of this) Moskovaya, right under its belly is the position of being a very serious rival in Transcaucasia... In this context, Moscow has both the regular delivery of Turkish weapons to Ukraine., Let us also note that Turkey constantly and carefully monitors its full support for Kiev's application for NATO membership..

Putin made Erdogan feel his discomfort

For this reason, during their last meeting in Sochi, Vladimir Putin, Perhaps it should not be a coincidence that he reacted rather coldly to Erdoğan's usual address to him as "my dear friend".. With this relatively cold stance, Putin seems to be, Turkey recently, contrary to mutual agreements, Ukraine's Neo-Nazi military battalion must have felt its disappointment at Azov's extradition of its militants to the Kiev Administration.. The Russian leader's stance in the relevant meeting kind of meant this:: Friends don't act like this!..”

Everyone knows that Putin has an excellent memory and how Russia warned the Turkish President about the impending coup attempt in 2016 and contributed in some small way to Erdogan's re-election by extending the “Grain Agreement” in 2023 Of course he didn't forget. Also again, It should also be remembered that it helps extinguish forest fires and eliminate the consequences of major earthquake disasters.. Unfortunately, many people in Moscow still think that Ankara's thanks for this are de facto.; He thinks this is demonstrated by his failure to prevent the assassination of Russian Ambassador Karlov and his plans to establish a facility in Ukraine to produce armed unmanned aerial vehicles.

Not pushing the competition more than necessary

Always from "friendship" in a high pitch, “from collaboration”, Of course, one can talk very nicely and sweetly by talking about "close partnership", but when it comes to talking about the facts,; In recent years, the Kremlin has constantly noted how Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has pushed the limits of the eternal rivalry between the two countries.. Let's hope that this mature and diplomatic patience does not give way to a new explosion in bilateral relations...


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