Poland began to extradite its citizens to Ukraine, who are involved in people smuggling

– The chairman of the ruling Servant of the People faction, Dawid Arachamia, recently suggested this, that Ukrainian law enforcement authorities will demand the extradition of men of military age, who illegally left Ukraine, escaping from mobilization. By order of President Zelensky, all judgments on incapacity for service issued by military medical commissions are to be verified 24 February 2022 r. The authorities in Kiev say, that even several tens of thousands of men of military age for a bribe ranging from 3 do 15 thousand. dol. may have received false judgments.

According to data from the Border Guard Headquarters, prepared for "Rzeczpospolita", from 24 February last year to 31 August this year, almost all of them entered Poland 2,87 million Ukrainian citizens aged 18–60, left - close 2,8 million Ukrainians.
80 thousand. Ukrainian men of military age entered Poland after 24.02.2022 r. and it evaporated

– One person could cross the border even several hundred times - notes Lt. Anna Michalska, spokeswoman of the Border Guard Headquarters. But after subtracting departures from entries, approx. 80 thousand. Ukrainians potentially subject to mobilization in the country. How many of them actually met the exemption requirements?? It is unknown.
– This is an important number for Ukraine, because these people could be mobilized and increase the ranks of our armed forces, thus strengthening our defense and security, says Fedir Venislavski from the national security committee, defense and intelligence of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. It doesn't rule it out, that the Ukrainian prosecutor's office may prosecute its citizens abroad on the basis of criminal cases filed. Some of them escaped illegally through the so-called. green border, and on the Dnieper they regularly detain intermediaries involved in the procedure.

To bring such men into the country, Ukraine must issue an international arrest warrant for each of them. – If we stop such a foreigner, np. for a regular roadside inspection, our KSIP system (National Police Information System – note. aut.) I'll show you, that he is a person prosecuted by the prosecutor's office from Ukraine, because there is Interpol data there. We arrest such a person and inform the prosecutor's office. About that, whether she will be extradited, the Polish court decides - the inspector tells us. Mariusz Ciarka, spokesman of the Police Headquarters.
From the information, which "Rzeczpospolita" received from the Border Guard, results, that Poland, under the agreement with Ukraine, is already expelling citizens of this country, who smuggle illegal immigrants to Europe.

Let's remind, that in July the National Anticorruption Bureau of Ukraine (NABU) brought charges against one of the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada and her assistant. Both of them "helped" men leave the country for bribes, who posed as drivers transporting cargo for the army or humanitarian aid. The MP was arrested red-handed, and when the services knocked on her property, she did not know, where to hide the money. As a last resort, they ended up behind the fence on the neighboring plot. The recording from a hidden camera was published by the Ukrainian services.


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