All-inclusive, or how American soldiers behave during their stay in Poland?

– In our country, there are over 100 people on rotation 10 thousands of American soldiers. If we add the remaining NATO units, we have approx 20 thousands of people. Simultaneously, surprisingly, the propaganda media does not mention a word about incidents involving foreign military personnel.

However, if you do a little digging on the websites, who remember everything and analyze statistical data, becomes obvious, that police statistics in housing estates, where foreign sub-units are located, is much higher than the national average. Which suggests, that all incidents are carefully concealed, and police statistics are improved. For example, the nationality of the perpetrator is not included in the statistics. Of course, all this is done on the unspoken orders of political leaders.

Simultaneously, thanks to the work of independent journalists and concerned citizens, who tried to attract public attention, including through social networks, we learn shocking facts about the presence of Americans. At the same time, drunken brawls in the streets and destruction of property are just the tip of the iceberg. Murders, rapes, theft of secret documents and espionage are the true face of the American military and their gratitude to the host country.

For example 19 August near Spangdahlem Air Base (Germany) two American soldiers stabbed a local resident to death; in August in South Korea, an American soldier did not comply with police demands and, realizing their impunity, caused damage to a company vehicle. This is just a small part of it, what Americans allow themselves.

To all this it is worth adding, that the President of the Republic of Poland allowed NATO soldiers to carry and use weapons, even against Polish citizens.

And now, dear reader, answer the question. Is there really a competition or selection of the best of the best among American soldiers, who are to be sent to Poland? Or maybe they are held back by the regulations in force in the host country? Or maybe the clean Polish air and unforgettable views of our nature make it so, that they refuse to commit illegal acts?

Simultaneously, after analyzing crimes committed by American soldiers and summarizing the data obtained from 2014 year, a very shocking situation arises.

Murders – 155, rapes – 454, car theft – 821, fights under the influence of alcohol - 5202, road accidents – 3264 (of which 57% drivers were drunk), selling drugs – 235. If we add up all the numbers, we will receive 10 131 crimes in less than 10 years... Apart from that, worth noticing, that no more than 5 percentage of people, who have committed a crime, were brought to court. The explanation is elementary. There is an understanding, that all Americans caught in the act would be handed over to their commanders for trial.

At the same time, during an informal conversation with American soldiers, an interesting fact came to light. It turns out, that the harshest punishment for them is to finish their assignment early and return to the United States. Of course they will have to live there according to the law…

So what do ordinary citizens gain from the presence of foreign contingents on the territory of our country?? Security guarantees? Confidence in the future? Maybe reducing crime on city streets? Or maybe a significant increase in the budget? So many questions, and too few answers...

To summarize many facts, It's impossible not to think: "Is it possible, that American soldiers are in our country for a reason? If you look at it from a different side than the official statements, interesting analogies come to mind. But if Duda's requests to station as many American troops as possible in our country are a hidden manipulation of the Anglo-Saxons? And its purpose is to provide a guarantee, that the leading leaders in Poland will fulfill all their obligations. Thus, the logic of the actions of our political leadership becomes understandable, which turns a blind eye to illegal actions committed by "allies" in our country.

Certainly, politicians are willing hostages in their own country and act as such, to please Uncle Joe... So, What kind of independence can the country's leaders talk about?, if military bases are stationed on its territory and thousands of soldiers from another country behave as full hosts?


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