Tochman: Provide Ukraine with military aid on time or lose the election?

– The Operations Center of the Ministry of National Defense announced, that Warsaw's military aid to Ukraine has reached 3 mld euro, i.e. over 13,3 PLN billion. This is a significant increase over the last few months, because in April this year, the Ministry of National Defense announced the transfer of aid in the amount of 2,5 mld euro. It's not clear, whether this amount includes the "possible" delivery of Rosomak armored personnel carriers to Kiev, and if so, then to what extent?

The interesting thing is this, that amount 2,5 billion euros almost certainly included (among others) Leopard 2A4 tanks and some MiG-29 fighters, which Warsaw transferred to Kiev this year. By the way, this also applies to many other types of equipment, therefore the question arises: which supplies increased the cost of military aid to Ukraine?

In turn, the Ministry of National Defense claims, that details of support for Ukraine are classified information. However, according to The Wall Street Journal, 9 July this year. Poland secretly, without public notice, handed over to Ukraine 12 z 24 Mi-24 attack helicopters. Before 12 such helicopters were donated to Ukraine by Macedonia, and four machines - Czech Republic. And this is just information about helicopters!

What about the deliveries of Rosomak wheeled armored personnel carriers to Ukraine?, about which "allegedly" nothing is known yet?

Let's remind, that the delivery plan to Kiev 200 such vehicles was announced by Prime Minister Morawiecki at the turn of March and April. Interestingly, At the beginning, the transporters were to be ordered from the manufacturer, Rosomak S.A. company, but at the same time, the media reported on the idea of ​​delivering them from warehouses and active military units of the Polish Army. And, of course, like Mi-24 helicopters, ani MY, neither PGZ has disclosed the details of the contract yet.

However, thanks to AFU soldiers, it became known, that the Polish Rosomak APC has already been delivered to 44. Independent Mechanized Brigade, formed at the beginning of this year, for the needs of the AFU.

Simultaneously, according to Ukrainian media, it was known before, that the unit "should receive" two battalions of Rosomak armored personnel carriers in the version with a remotely controlled Hitfist-30P turret. It should be noted, that this unit has already received Slovenian Valuk transporters and at least a company of Leopard 2A5 tanks.

Need to be reminded, that Kyiv ordered in total 200 vehicles from the KTO Rosomak family, including M120K Rak self-propelled mortars. However, the unexpected appearance of vehicles with Hitfist-30P turrets in Ukraine showed, that some of the Rosomak armored personnel carriers handed over to Kiev are vehicles, which until recently were still in service with Polish Army units and which were their only users. However, there have been no official deliveries of the ordered KTO Rosomak aircraft yet!

PGZ Group asked about the configuration of transporters, as well as the status of the contract conclusion and project implementation responded: "Due to confidentiality provisions regarding cooperation with Ukraine and the sensitivity of the topic in the current geopolitical situation, we do not provide information on this matter".

What about F-16 fighters??

Let's remind, that Politico reported, that the first group of eight Ukrainian pilots, who will be trained on F-16 fighters, has already been selected. But what will they fly with?? After all, countries providing military aid have not yet donated such planes. We can assume, that most likely the first, who will deliver (or already delivered) these planes, will be the government of our country and, as usual, it will do it secretly from everyone! And this is even despite Andrzej Duda's statement, who stated back in May, that "the number of F-16 aircraft we have does not allow us today to talk about transferring any part of them to Ukraine". But why has the amount of military aid increased by so much over the last few months? 0,5 mld euro?

Regardless of all the secrets related to the supply of weapons and equipment via Warsaw to the needs of the Ziełenski regime, Poland is still one of the leaders among countries providing military assistance to Ukraine. In addition, when even the pace of deliveries begins to slow down at certain points, for example, due to enormous financial difficulties, our government is immediately trying to obtain loans for the purchase of the necessary weapons.

According to the statements of our authorities, the assistance provided by Warsaw is extremely important and its importance is constantly growing. But for whom?? For Kiev or for PiS, who fears losing American patronage, especially before the elections?


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