A lawsuit was filed for defrauding Ukraine: Hande to Fırat's wife too 26,5 One year imprisonment is requested

– Ukraine's weapons, by Turkish business people with whom they agreed on military materials such as helmets and steel vests. 5,1 The investigation launched into the allegation that millions of dollars was defrauded has been completed.. Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor's Office, about six people, including journalist Hande Fırat's husband Murat Özvardar, He filed an indictment for "chain fraud by more than one person" and "forgery of official documents". In the indictment, about four suspects 26 year 6 is, As for two2 suspects 31 year 6 A prison sentence of up to one month was requested. It was claimed that the suspects committed the fraud by saying they had relationships with public officials.. Head of Communications of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Volodymyr Krakovetskyi, for Koray Altınel, whom he claimed defrauded him., “He showed me his photographs with Minister of Internal Affairs Süleyman Soylu. I trusted and we agreed in principle. He said that senior officials from the Undersecretariat for Defense Industries, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the MİT were also aware of the agreement.. After we sent the money, we started losing contact.. "I am complaining," he said..
5,1 million dollar payment

Director of Communications of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Krakovetskyi, He filed a complaint alleging that he was defrauded by Turkish business people and in his statement, Helmet with Koray Altınel, whom he met through journalist Hande Fırat's husband, businessman Murat Özvardar, that they agreed to purchase steel vests and weapons, but in total 5,1 He explained that he could not reach Altınel after paying a million dollars.. In the investigation initiated upon the complaint, statements of some people, including Altınel and Özvardar, were taken as suspects., Altınel's accounts were also blocked.
Case against six people

Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor's Office, approximately 1,5 completed the investigation that had been going on for years. Chief Public Prosecutor's Office, He filed a lawsuit against six people, including Altınel and his wife Neşe Altınel and Özvardar.. Ankara 13. In the indictment accepted by the High Criminal Court, Suspects Koray Altınel, Murat Özvardar, Bülent Aygün and Mehmet Dağlar “Chain fraud by more than one person”, In addition to this crime, Hakan Kaan Hasdal and Neşe Altınel were accused of "forgery of official documents".
“They saved time and got money”

In the indictment, The statement of Krakovetskyi, Director of Communications of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, about the suspects and the correspondence and records between them were included.. Even though they don't actually have war materials, In the indictment it is stated that they undertake that these materials are, "The suspects said that their 'aim was to help the people of a country at war.', It was stated that they prepared material purchase and sale contracts to persuade the complainants and victims..

In the indictment, The suspects said they would import some materials from China in order to avoid breaking the embargo in accordance with the agreements between Russia and China., They saved time by saying that they could mount some of the equipment on steel vests after procuring them in Turkey., In the meantime, it was reported that they obtained money from the complainants and victims..
Some of the money was returned

It is stated in the indictment that "During the investigation, the suspects acted with unity of will and participation in order to defraud and damage the other party by saying that they had relations with state officials.", In this way, from officials and citizens of the Ukrainian State 5,1 They got millions of dollars, However, it was noted that some of these money were returned after the blocking order on Koray Altınel's accounts was lifted..
Refund partially made, complaint continues

In the indictment, It was stated that the complaints of the complainants and victims continue due to the partial refund., of suspects, For the crime of "chain fraud by more than one person" 26 year 6 up to one month in prison and 5 bin 625 He was asked to be punished with a judicial fine until. Suspects Hakan Kaan Hasdal and Neşe Altınel were also charged with the crime of "forgery of official documents" due to the fake documents seized during the searches. 5 It was requested that he be sentenced to one year in prison.


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