Putin’s already NATO: We are ready for conflict

– Economic sanctions in recent years, Relations between Washington and Moscow have come to a breaking point due to developments in many areas such as the civil war in Syria and the occupation of Ukraine.. While the Russian side holds the USA responsible for NATO expansion towards its borders, Washington continues to supply weapons to Russian-occupied Ukraine. Planes belonging to the air forces of both sides have experienced dangerous tension over Syria in recent weeks.. Russian President Vladimir Putin hosts African leaders in his country, On the possibility of the developments in Syria turning into a hot conflict, he made a media statement to the USA by saying, "If someone wants a conflict between Russia and NATO, we are ready.". The Russian leader also emphasized that African countries are now turning to win-win projects instead of donations and aid..
Washington’a rest

Tensions between the USA and Russia have been tense in recent weeks over the use of airspace in Syria. US Secretary of Defense Austin recently spoke about the intervention of a Russian warplane against a US UAV., He said Russia's "irresponsible behavior" in Syria must end. Putin ise St. He continued to intimidate the USA and Western countries at the press conference held after the Russia-Africa summit in St. Petersburg.. of a journalist, When asked whether there is a possibility of conflict between Russia and NATO in Syria, “We once established a mechanism to prevent these conflicts at the request of the American side.. Some unit heads communicated with each other and had authority. Any crisis situation was being consulted. This showed that no one wanted conflict.. "However, if someone wants such a conflict, we are ready," he said..
Africa does not want handouts

Putin stated that he assured that Russia will provide support in various fields as well as providing humanitarian aid to African countries., “Our African friends do not ask for any handouts from us. Those who came to the first and second summits, They say 'we didn't come to ask for anything'. Really, There was not a single direct request. Everyone is mutually acceptable to both parties, "He's trying to find interesting projects," he said.. Putin underlined that African countries want to continue working with Russia, including in the field of military and technical cooperation., He emphasized that these countries are not afraid of any pressure from outside and are purchasing weapons.
message of peace

Reminding that African countries are looking for options to end the conflicts in Ukraine, Putin, He pointed out that Africa's peace initiative, together with China's plan, could form the basis of peace negotiations. Putin reminded that proposals regarding prisoner exchange and humanitarian issues have already been realized., However, Africa's "ceasefire" proposal would not be possible., because Ukraine has already launched a counter-attack.
Turkey gave captive Azov Battalion commanders to Ukraine, Putin pointed out that Russia had nothing to do with ending the Grain Agreement., “One has nothing to do with the other,” he evaluated.. Putin, Logistics of Russia's decision to withdraw from the Black Sea Grain Agreement, Impossibility of Russian ships entering ports, money transfer, He added that it was linked to insurance and other problems.. Turkey, During his official visit earlier this month, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky gave some commanders of the Azov Battalion in Turkey to Ukraine in a prisoner exchange..
Meeting with Erdoğan on Wednesday

St. He also gave details about his plan to meet with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan after the summit in St. Petersburg.. Putin, In fact, he said that Erdoğan invited him before the elections., However, he stated that they decided not to hold this meeting before the election so that no one could speculate.. Putin also, “We wanted to talk on the phone.. President Erdoğan offered to meet, but he suggested a time that was not suitable for me.. I suggested today, it didn't suit him. I suggested tomorrow, again not suitable. We agreed to talk on Wednesday. "We will talk and decide," he said..
Gas center will be an e-commerce platform

Putin stated that the establishment of a natural gas center in Turkey is on the agenda., The project does not involve the storage of large amounts of natural gas., He emphasized that it involves the creation of an electronic trading platform. Putin, “I want to make it clear that, This is not oil and oil storage, this gas. Both we and our Turkish friends know this.. We are talking about creating an electronic trading platform. We will not store large quantities of gas there. A suitable place to organize such an electronic trading platform. Because Türkiye, "It has become a transit country for Europe," he said..
Another blow from Ukraine to the Russian Church

2018 Ukrainian Church, whose request to leave the Russian Orthodox Church was approved by the Istanbul Patriarchate in, Now the date of Christmas celebration has changed. in Ukraine, traditionally, just like in Russia 7 Christmas celebrated in January, From now on, just like in Western countries 25 It was announced that it will be celebrated in December. In the statement made by the Ukrainian Parliament, the decision, It was explained that it stemmed from Ukrainians' desire to celebrate their own traditions and holidays as part of their identity struggle..



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