According to experts, the relations of President Erdogan's visit to the Gulf countries have "been a strategic partnership".’

– Qatar University Ibn Khaldun Center Senior Researcher Ali Bakir, He said that the visit included comprehensive agreements and made a very important contribution to the relations, especially after the relations started to normalize in the last two years..

Copper, “Visit results, Considering that Turkey already has an existing strategic alliance with Qatar, Gulf Cooperation Council with Türkiye, Saudi Arabia and UAE in particular (KİK) It shows that the transition from the normalization stage to the level of strategic partnership among the countries.” said.

Noting that Turkey should move to the next stage in its relations with the GCC countries, Bakır, “In order to maximize the relations of common interest between the GCC countries and Turkey, Turkey and Kuwait, There should also be high-level visits between Oman and Bahrain.” he spoke.
Copper, he continued:

“Agreements reached during President Erdogan's Gulf tour, reflects the importance of visits. In addition to the agreements at the economy and investment level, there are prominent agreements at the defense industry level and in the field of energy..

The most prominent of the agreements, Agreement signed between Türkiye and Saudi Arabia. because this, The biggest agreement in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles in the history of the Turkish defense industry.

Pointing out that UAV agreements are long-term agreements that require investment, Bakır, Buñuj also stated that he demonstrated the strategic partnership between Türkiye and the GCC countries..
Copper, As for the future of the Turkish-Gulf partnership “relations will be tested through regional and international files., focus on economy and investment will be a positive element to move this strategic partnership forward.” he added.
“Cooperation in the field of defense cannot be considered only as economic cooperation.”

Director of the Declaration Research Center, Researcher Nizar Kırikiş on Erdoğan's visits, “Bridge-building approach with Gulf countries is important. Turkey's, It is of particular importance that it establishes a regional system with fixed values ​​in its relations with Arab countries as well as Iran.” he evaluated.

Kirikiş, Referring to the cooperation between Türkiye and the Gulf countries “Cooperation in the military and defense fields cannot be considered only as economic cooperation.. These are strategic cooperation aimed at building long-term partnerships. Because it is part of the strategic security of the region.” used the expressions.

Pointing out the importance of strategic cooperation, Kirikiş, he continued:
“If this cooperation develops in the direction of building common vision and values,, can be useful in identifying constants that affect the attitudes of other countries. This contributes to unifying efforts against the crises that the region suffers from.”
Political analyst Hassan et-Temimi also stated that Erdogan's visits are a milestone for regional diplomacy., He said that the visits revealed the efforts to deepen the ties between Türkiye and the Gulf countries..

Stating that visits can be evaluated in many ways, Temimi, “Convergence in political attitudes, especially on regional issues, counterterrorism, demonstrated the strengthening of common interests in issues such as conflict resolution and regional stability.. in a nutshell, an image that is compatible with strategic objectives was given.” commented.

Temimi, “Your visits, It can be said that this indicates that the relations have turned from the normalization phase into a potential strategic partnership.. ongoing partnership, deepening cooperation in the field of defense and solving problems, It is very important in terms of how relations will be shaped in the future.” said.

Noting that there are many dynamics for the development of relations between Turkey and the Gulf countries, Temimi, stressed the importance of cooperation and facing challenges in the field of defense.
Temimi, noted that:
“ongoing partnership, confidence as well as enhancing military and defense cooperation., understanding, joint ventures will strengthen implementation. Joint research and development projects, Opportunity exists for technology transfer and joint defense industry production. Deepening relations in the field of defense, will improve regional security and cooperation in the face of common threats.”

Tamimi pointed out that Turkey and the Gulf countries will face some difficulties in order to consolidate the strategic partnership., management of regional interests, He concluded his speech by stating that effective communication is important in order to address political differences and prevent misunderstandings..


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