Retired Rear Admiral Cem Gürdeniz: Türkiye may be asked to enter the war

– Russia, 17 After suspending the Black Sea Grain Corridor Agreement, which ended in July, the discussion of "creating a safe corridor" in the Black Sea came to the fore.. Moscow, according to a letter reached by Reuters, to the World Maritime Organization yesterday (IMO) announced that "guarantees of navigational safety" would be cancelled.. The Russian Ministry of Defense also announced that all ships bound for Ukrainian ports will be considered as "potential military cargo carriers"..

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleba said that Ukraine and other countries are holding talks to resume grain exports without Russia.. United Nations in New York (BM) Kuleba, who made a statement in the building, "Türkiye, The UN and Ukraine or other countries can either use the existing framework or introduce a new initiative.. Of course the biggest problem, The possibility of Russia hitting a ship carrying grain. All options are being discussed," he said..

In the light of all these developments, Retired Rear Admiral Cem Gürdeniz, Warns that Turkey may want to be drawn into the war. Gürdeniz pointed out that the maritime jurisdiction areas in the Black Sea are controversial., “Türkiye does not recognize Crimea as Russian territory.. Therefore, it considers the maritime jurisdiction area off the Crimean Peninsula as the Ukrainian territory.. But Russia unilaterally says 'mine' and declares this region as a war zone/crisis area.. Therefore, Russia now has the power to impose a blockade in the region,” he said..
Emphasizing that the words of the Ukrainian foreign minister "We will operate the grain corridor if necessary" are critical for the Turkish straits, Gürdeniz, “The subtext of this: It will be ensured that the shipments from Odessa or other Ukrainian ports will be directed to the Turkish Straits. this corridor, It is certain that he is no longer safe, in line with the declarations given to IMO by Russia.. In such a situation, for Turkey to stand up and say "I am a volunteer" would be a "geopolitical suicide" in my words.. Ankara should be able to resist these pressures. Referring to Turkey's active neutrality policy in the Black Sea, Gürdeniz said:: “At the moment, no warship can reach the Black Sea.. They're trying to pave the way. That's why Turkey's pre-NATO summit 180 degree of pro-Western transformation is geopolitically very objectionable. Vilnius is a landmark. July is Turkey's month of geopolitical victories. Lausanne, Montreux, Cyprus Peace Operation… Or 100. Unfortunately, July of 2023, when we celebrated our anniversary, was a bad year for Turkey in terms of geopolitics.. The economic crisis brought Turkey to the point of spending its geopolitical wealth.. Financial crisis happens today, 2-3 passed after a year. But to make geopolitical concessions and fulfill the wishes of Western imperialism., It takes decades to get back what we've lost."
Gürdeniz said that Ukraine can directly conclude bilateral agreements with the Black Sea coasters., "The right thing to do now is to transport grain to the Mediterranean and Europe via Romania and Greece by railroads," he said..

Gurdeniz at last 30 Noting that most of the million wheat goes to Europe, "The West is constantly making statements that there will be a hunger crisis in the world".. However, less grain goes to Africa, where there is a hunger crisis, than Europe.. "We see a huge double standard here," he said..

According to the data obtained by Anadolu Agency, 40 percent of the grain passing through the corridor within the scope of the initiative, which has been extended three times, is delivered to Europe., 30 percent to Asia, 13 percent to Turkey, 12 percent moved to Africa and 5 percent to the Middle East.


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