fruits of war!

– US President Joe Biden attributed the reason for sending "cluster munitions" to Ukraine because of the melting of ammunition stocks.. Of course, these meltdowns mean new opportunities for the "American Military-Industrial Complex" that wants to spread more butter on their hot bread..
After the disintegration of the "Soviet Union", the need for NATO in Europe was greatly reduced.. However, the USA, Began expanding NATO eastward to contain Europe. The invasion of Ukraine strengthened the hand of the USA. If Sweden's accession process is completed, the number of NATO members will increase to 32.. Except for Belarus and Ukraine, there are no non-NATO countries in western Russia.. That is NATO, It has "surrounded" Russia.
"NATO issue", It is also criticized by intellectuals outside the mainstream foreign policy elite in America.. Journalist-Author Chris Hedges in “Salon” magazine 8 "They lied about Afghanistan," published in July. They lied about Iraq. Now they're lying about Ukraine,” he wrote, “The proxy war in Ukraine is designed to serve U.S. interests.. It enriches weapons manufacturers, weakening the Russian army, isolating Russia from Europe. "What happens to Ukraine is unimportant," he said..

Hedges drawing attention to war mongers, Says most of the money allocated for security aid to Ukraine is invested in American defense production. This money thus finances new weapons and ammunition for the US armed forces, replacing the old supplies supplied to Ukraine.. Hedges, He stated that aligning the armies of NATO member states with NATO's military equipment provided billions of dollars in profit to American arms companies.. According to Hedges, even if Russia didn't want to be the enemy, it would be forced to be the enemy..
The members of the "Warsaw Pact" led by the "Soviet Union" during the "Cold War" are now in NATO. The warehouses of these countries were filled with Soviet weapons and ammunition.. Warehouses of other NATO members housed weapons of American origin.. These obsolete weapons are being consumed in Ukraine. Depletion of stocks benefits the United States in the first place, of course..
Invasion of Ukraine leverages NATO member states to increase defense spending. Former US President Donald Trump, He even threatened to withdraw American troops from Europe if NATO members did not increase their financial contributions to the prescribed amounts.. Mitch McConnell, leader of the Republicans in the US Senate, said that military aid to Ukraine was a much cheaper way of reducing Russia's ability to threaten the United States, both in terms of "dollars" and "American life"..
American economist Prof.. Michael Hudson ise 30 "America Destroyed a Great Empire," wrote in June, "The US strategy is not just to 'fight to the last Ukrainian'., To the last tank wiped from NATO stocks, It has become clear that it is to fight up to missiles and other weapons.”. According to Hudson, The depletion of NATO's weapons stockpiles creates a large substitute market that will enrich the "American Military-Industrial Complex". Hudson, He also pointed out that the replenishment of NATO's weapons stocks would reduce social spending in Europe and drag the continent into a depression..
It is said that NATO's purpose is primarily to defend Europe.. Grey Anderson ve Thomas Meaney , “New York Times”da 11 They questioned this narrative in an article they published in July with the headline "NATO is not what it says".. writers, They argue that the main purpose of NATO is to connect Western Europe to a much broader US-led world order project.. Accordingly, NATO, It works as designed by US planners and narrows its room for maneuver by making Europe dependent on American power..
According to these authors, the current NATO, Cheaply securing American influence in Europe, It undermines Europe's ability to ensure its own security, prevents the emergence of a semi-autonomous European power. Writers who state that before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, about half of the military expenditures in Europe went to American manufacturers., now they point out that this buying chart is getting even higher. The authors summarized the situation as follows:: “Europe may be remilitarizing, but America is reaping the benefits.”


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