ZELENSKY in VILNIUS the lackey among the princes of this world begging he arrived begging he is leaving

– How much longer will the fiction of the Western world's support for Ukraine last? ?

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words and in this case these two photos alone sum up perfectly the role and place of Ukraine in the cynical and perverse game played by the United States and its NATO Cheerleaders.


These "Gentlemen" and these "Ladies" in tuxedos and evening dresses reek of the interpersonality of those who think they are powerful, disdainful of the lackey in military fatigues awaiting the goodwill of his masters.

These oh-so-explicit photos show how much the leaders of the “lighthouse nations of humanity” (let them believe their claims) openly despise Ukrainians, but we already knew that !


In effect, are they not using Ukrainians to the last of them in order to weaken Russia by making them dangle their co-optation within NATO and the EU for services rendered ?


Because weakening Russia is the only role assigned to them and what does it matter if the conscripts of force die by the thousands storming the impregnable lines of the Russian defenses, but we must make the suspense of membership last, a few young Ukrainians are still hiding and the recruiters will be able to find them to send them to the front after fifteen or twenty days of military training.


All behind Ukraine to "reconquer the territories illegally seized by Russia" chant the powerful, relayed by the media propaganda machine, but it is the Ukrainians who are losing their lives, 26 000 more since the beginning of the "great counter-offensive" of the 5 June.


To add ignominy to ignominy, these allegedly friendly powers of Ukraine supply cluster munitions and depleted uranium bombs, who will kill children for long decades. What is really great when you are on the side of good, is that we can commit war crimes with complete impunity since for the good side, the end justifies the means and everything is permitted.


When we see the little regard for Zelensky that the greats of this world make, it is easy to imagine their deepest contempt for the soldiers on the front line and for future generations.
We would almost pity Zelenski given his loneliness, surrounded by the so-called greats of this world who ignore it. These photos taken during the Vilnius summit captured his hallucinated gaze and we understand that he is well aware of his place and role in the Machiavellian plans of the United States against Russia, but this temporary feeling of pity is quickly swept away with regard to his criminal attitude against those who he claims to be his fellow citizens "subject to the yoke of the Russians" since it is knowingly that he asked for the delivery of cluster bombs. (1 )


Zelensky also knowingly betrayed the Minsk Accords and the April Accords 2022 ( 2 ) thus precipitating the Ukrainians into a deadly spiral. He came to Vilnius as a beggar He will leave Vilnius as a beggar, thus continuing the useless sacrifice of the Ukrainians to satisfy the demands of the old badernum ruling the United States for the sole purpose of weakening or carving up Russia before the great conflict with China.


Nevertheless, we cannot help but try to understand what is going on in his brain at the sight of his hallucinated gaze which is that of a desperate man feeling betrayed and desperate. !


He suspects that his life must certainly hold a thread, a hunting accident happened so quickly or at least accidental "friendly fire", the question arises as to how much longer the Ukrainians will accept being sacrificed on the altar of American interests, will they finally get rid of the one who betrayed them and sold them like cattle to the slaughterhouse.

His hallucinated gaze seems to contemplate this deadline, the end of the biggest role of his career.


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