NATO has always been against us

in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania 11-12 Eyes before the NATO Summit to be held in July, terrorist supporter turned into Turkey, which does not favor the membership of Sweden. Turkey, which is not wanted to be remembered only when needed., It is expected that he will not waste his trump card this time.. NATO member countries, While efforts to mark Turkey for Sweden's membership increase,, The fact that NATO has not really supported Turkey as an ally until today has also been a matter of debate.. Turkey, most critical in NATO, Although he successfully completed the most dangerous missions and came of age,, same dedication, He could not see from NATO even when he needed it most.. 18 became a full member in February 1952., More than 900 martyrs in Korea, Afghanistan, To Turkey, which took part in critical missions such as Iraq and Kosovo., NATO's support has so far been no more than words..

NATO, where we have been hearing the words "None of our allies have been more victims of terrorist attacks than Turkey" recently., He always left Turkey alone against terrorist organizations and the countries it had problems with.. PKK, YPG, NATO, which has no de facto support for our military and diplomatic struggle against terrorist organizations such as FETO and DAESH., Syria, Greece, Greek Cypriot Administration of Southern Cyprus (GCA), Instead of providing support in the problems with Armenia and Russia, it carried out distraction tactics., As in the Armenian genocide allegations, he always took the opposite side..
Hammer Trouble

USA after the Gulf War, England and France, Deployed a military force in Turkey on the grounds that Saddam might attack the Kurds again. Hammer Power, who came to Turkey in July 1991, provided weapons and supplies to the PKK.. The Americans did not deny it.. PKK, Grown in northern Iraq under the wings of the Hammer Force.

Our NATO allies USA and leading European countries, It has embraced terrorists belonging to organizations such as PKK and FETO, which martyred thousands of our soldiers and people.. Turkey's, 15 Including the July coup attempt, terrorist organizations that are exposed to terrorist attacks inside and outside, not even included in the terror lists. "So-called allies" who embraced FETO members together with the PKK 15 Even in the July coup attempt, he left Turkey alone and waited for the coup to succeed.. Let alone responding to Turkey's extradition demands, allowed terrorists in their country to carry out actions against Türkiye and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. NATO, on the other hand, did not even invite member states to take sides with Turkey..

2012 in Syria, When Turkey shot down its reconnaissance plane, in Akçakale with artillery shells fired from Syria in the same year. 5 When a Turkish citizen dies, NATO, chose to leave its member country alone. Similarly, while targeting civilian settlements with rockets fired at Kilis by DAESH in 2016,, No NATO executive or NATO country said, "The bombing of Turkey means the bombing of NATO territory"..

Stopping the attacks against Turkey, even NATO, which should be counterattacked, Even Turkey's air defense systems did not respond adequately to its demands., US didn't sell Patriot missiles to ally. As the Patriots were not sold, the Patriots deployed by the USA and Germany in Turkey were also dismantled.. Some NATO member countries have imposed an open and secret embargo on Turkey in the field of defense industry.. Some countries, It does not allow Turkey to import even a military vehicle headlight.. NATO allies and especially the USA in the attacks in which more than 30 Turkish soldiers were martyred in Idlib, watched what was going on. Despite NATO's so-called support statements for Turkey, Turkey's demand for air defense systems was ignored..

Turkey, When it bought the S-400 air defense system from Russia to protect its borders and civilian lives, our NATO ally USA, Threatens sanctions to give us up on the grounds that it is not compatible with NATO systems, Started an economic war against Turkey. of the USA, Law of Responding to Their Enemies through Sanctions (CAATSA) Turkish authorities were embargoed within the scope of. However, the sister of the S-400, the S-300, is a NATO member Greece., When Bulgaria and Slovakia took it, no one even spoke out..
sobriety called favor

Due to the majority of European countries among NATO members, In tensions with countries such as Greece and the Greek Cypriot side, an attitude against Turkey has always been displayed.. Injustice was tolerated by remaining passive with the call for "modesty" in the violations of Greece and the Greek Cypriot side.. One of NATO's double standards was the support of NATO member EU countries to the exclusion of the TRNC in the Eastern Mediterranean, which was recently announced by the Greek Cypriot side for natural gas drilling..
President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who firmly defends Turkey's interests in the face of Swedish membership, Greece's 1980 He drew attention to the mistakes of past administrations about his return to NATO.. Greece, 1974Withdrawn from NATO's military wing in response to the Cyprus Peace Operation, Later, when he regretted and wanted to return, he faced Turkey's veto.. Greece's return to NATO 1980 from the military coup 1 received after a month.


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