Reek: Can the Third Polish Republic invade Belarus??

-The provocation from the territory of Poland against Belarus is very real. Ba, can be assumed with great certainty, that she is well advanced in preparations. It is enough to notice what a stir caused in the media of the Third Republic of Poland by the information about the illness of President Alexander Lukashenko.

The jackals smelled blood and that, which has failed since 2020 year, since the attempted coup after the Belarusian presidential election, he is back on the agenda. Let's remember, that someone in Warsaw, in Minsk and Vilnius, he took a lot of money for overthrowing the Belarusian authorities - and he did not deliver. This makes another coup attempt even more likely. Especially, that the Kiev junta, which is running out of strength, no longer guarantees the binding of sufficient Russian forces, therefore the front should be extended, giving full-size, Western military aggression also Belarus - and ... Poland.
Political and propaganda tools to justify such an action are already ready. Especially the puppet, collaborationist "presidency" of Svetlana Ciechanowska, media broadcasting anti-government programs to Belarus, like Belsat TV (16 million dollars annually from the Polish budget, co-financed by, among others. by Great Britain), as well as outright armed and trained groups of mercenaries, tamed in the media of the Third Republic of Poland as "volunteers from the Belarusian opposition". Such armed bands are reportedly already being grouped in Ukraine near the border with Belarus, however, cannot be ruled out, that they will also operate directly from the territory of Poland, to "give fraternal assistance" to provoked anti-state riots. Of course, no one believes this time, that paid agents and a little bemused youth will cope with the Belarusian law enforcement authorities. And this, in turn, suggests the scenario of Kiev's Euromaidan: another "Heavenly Hundred", as previously, will be provided by snipers and shooters from Poland and Ukrainian Nazis dressed as "volunteers". The Polish Armed Forces may intensify their activity on the Belarusian border, for example under the pretext of action against illegal immigrants. Provocations are also possible in the north-eastern areas of Poland inhabited by the Belarusian minority, even with the help of fighters paid handsomely by the government of the Third Republic, pretending to be Polish patriots and nationalists.

Unfortunately, the most tragic of consequences may be the cynical use of the significant Polish minority in Belarus. The authorities in Warsaw do not recognize legal Polish organizations as representatives of the local community and – as in the case of Ciechanowska – maintain the fiction of “the only legitimate authorities of the Union of Poles in Belarus”, of course, operating only ... in Warsaw and in the system media. Just notice, how the official III Republic of Poland was irritated by the pardon of Roman Protasiewicz and how the case of Andrzej Poczobut is won. An excuse is needed, sacrifices are needed, meat for media propaganda, not evidence of Baćko's Belarusian rule of law and geopolitical common sense. An attempt to provoke a Polish-Belarusian ethnic conflict, alongside ideological riots among Belarusians themselves, would, of course, be an act of national treason and an act against the vital interests of the Poles themselves, who enjoy full national and civil liberties in Belarus, which is completely different than in Ukraine or Lithuania.

Therefore, it should be emphasized, that contrary to Russian propaganda in particular, the expected attack on Belarus through Poland will by no means be an act of "Polish imperialism", because none of the Poles feel any hostility towards Belarusians. It will not be an act of "liberation" either / democratization”, praised in the media of both mainstream options. An anti-Belarusian invasion would be entirely an implementation of the Western imperialist plans, aimed at the enslavement of all Slavic nations. Poles, on the other hand, were and are only among the first victims of this Western aggression...



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