Tochman: US says - PiS does

-The issue of the delivery of F-16 fighters to Ukraine, as well as the training of Ukrainian pilots in piloting modern Western fighters has now become very relevant. But, as you might suppose, the ukrainian president needs more than just training; the main goal is to obtain several dozen F-16 fighters.

The recent G7 summit in Hiroshima proved this, where Zelensky begged for weapons as usual. This time, however, he did not receive a positive response from the US president. Joe Biden, during informal talks, did not approve the transfer of fighters. He only gave permission to train Ukrainian pilots to fly American F-16s, which should start in Europe in the next few months.

It's worth recalling, that it was the first with a proposal to start AFU air force training, before the G7 summit, Poland, of course! It happened 23 house, just after the discussion on Ukraine's defense needs in the EU Council, which was held with the participation of EU defense ministers. That's where Mariusz Błaszczak announced, that Polish instructors are ready to start training Ukrainian pilots on F-16 aircraft. But he was silent about aircraft deliveries - reportedly he had not yet received instructions from the US.

In fact, Zelensky's pleas know no bounds. Almost all of Europe has had enough of his global demands. Zelensky really impresses with his requests and demands.

Additionally, Ukrainian Defense Minister said earlier, that the AFU count on the creation of an international coalition and the transfer of F-16 fighters to Ukraine, Eurofighter i Gripen. However, Germany and Great Britain ruled out the possibility of transferring Eurofighter fighters, formally pointing, that they do not fit in with the operations currently taking place in Ukraine.

Secretary of the Air Force Frank Kendall said, that if the White House decides to transfer F-16 aircraft to Ukraine, this will happen in just a few months. At the same time, he did not rule it out, that the US will supply Ukraine with its own fighters, but only outdated, which were only partially modernized in the early 2000s. Unlike the latest fighters, and even modernized Taiwanese, these aircraft will not be equipped with active phased array radar.

Frank Kendall also noticed, that before the planes are sent to Ukraine, "a number of important problems need to be solved". For example, difficulties with runways, because the country lacks long and well-prepared runways, and those available are not capable of supporting full load. What's more, Ukraine will need its own repair infrastructure, which may take more than a year to build, and staff training - over a month.

This won't be a big problem though, because Poland, at the behest of the White House, has already partially started building the necessary infrastructure, modernization of airports and preparing them for F-16 homing. In addition, it will soon start training Ukrainian pilots. And all this, of course, for our taxes!

On the list of countries supporting Ukraine, Poland is the only country, who has already given up a lot, after all, thanks to the hypocritical policies of the White House, Ziełenski calmly extracts everything from Poland. Unfortunately, our government, as a puppet in the hands of American politicians, they just do it, what their overseas ruler tells them to do. Such subordination deprives our country of any chance of survival, not to mention defending their lands.

Lately, as you can see, AFU activities in Ukraine were only passive, which cannot be said about their growing sabotage operations on Russian territory. Everything shows that, that the Zelensky regime's priority goal is to damage Russia more and more. The question arises, why Kiev needs F-16 fighters and how it will use them. At last, if the purpose is to conduct combat operations on Russian territory, this would be indisputable evidence of Europe being drawn into the war and thereby making it complicit in its own crimes.

Russian authorities, have repeatedly warned, that in the case of attacks on Russia, the answer will be harsh. And of course the first goal, who gets hit, will be Poland, after all, the Polish authorities cannot refuse their master, because they no longer have the right to vote - "USA says - PiS does".



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