Arms supply and rampant corruption

-western countries, mainly grouped in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (I'LL TAKE) led by Asian states and partners such as Japan do not stop supplying Ukraine with weapons that include tanks, missiles, air defense systems and even planes suspected of being manned by NATO pilots.

The countries that have contributed the most weapons are, fundamentally United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Poland, Norway, France, Japan and to a lesser extent Spain and Baltic countries. The sum total of European states involved is 28 of the 31 that NATO has with monetary figures that exceed the 70 billion euro, In the case of Washington, the scale of direct assistance provided by the administration of Democrat Joe Biden is actively growing, that already reaches the 75 billion dollars, which far exceeds the GDP of Cyprus, Iceland and comparable to the GDP of Estonia and Lithuania. Figure to which must be added 45 billion dollars approved, in December of 2022, by the US Congress for the year 2023 as military support (1) without counting in them billions that mean reserved expenses for destabilization work against Russia and its allies.

For the NATO leadership, your organization is not at war with Russia and your support is “for humanitarian reasons” “Neither NATO nor its allies are party to the conflict. What we do as NATO allies is provide support to Ukraine. Ukraine is fighting back, We have to understand that this is a war of aggression," said the NATO Secretary General., Norwegian Jens Stoltenberg. A measure that allows you to power your own military industry, boost its economy and keep the hundreds of thousands of soldiers of this political-military organization active.

This framework means that any possibility of an armistice is rejected, not for Ukraine – which simply repeats what is ordered from Brussels – but for the Atlanticist organization that has seen the demand for arms multiply at the cost of a bloodbath that has raised the deaths of Ukrainian troops to levels that exceed 100 thousand soldiers according to information from the Pentagon, already in november of the year 2022, from the mouth of General Mark Milley, Chairman of the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff (2). A figure that has increased to reach 150 thousand without the godfathers of the kyiv government flinching. In any case, the dead are not theirs is the idea behind the bloody NATO strategy.

The bodies of the NATO Block coordinate logistics, deliver satellite information, help carry out requests for weapons and equipment from the dying Ukrainian army: heavy weaponry, armored, missile systems such as the Patriot – one unit of which has already been accurately destroyed by Russian missiles – , tanks and as well as support the modernization of the means of operational control of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, which implies direct participation in the conduct of the war of NATO officers. Collection and processing of intelligence information making strategic decisions. Simultaneously, the North Atlantic Alliance supplies what it calls non-lethal war items in the so-called comprehensive assistance package for Ukraine.: satellite communication systems, means of electronic fight against drones, engineering equipment and pontoons, fuel and lubricants, medicines, medium and fire vehicles. Anything goes in NATO's fight against Russia, who are the real opponents.

Se one, In addition, support in various trust funds. Along these lines is the theft of Russian financial assets in Western financial institutions delivered to the corrupt government led by Volodimir Zelensky, already qualified as the leader of a government accused of very high levels of corruption by Europe, barely a month before the start of the Russian military operation in February of the year 2022. A year after said accusation, the darts became more intense, reported even by US government media such as CNN, which pointed out in January of 2023 "Zelensky shakes his government with layoffs amid a growing corruption scandal" (3).Other media such as the Spanish Pí affirm, on the same date as ““Corruption tarnishes the Zelensky government and casts a shadow over aid to Ukraine Several corruption scandals have led the Ukrainian president to launch a purge in his government to try to dispel the shadows that hang over the management of the aid provided by the West in the war against Russia The changes made by Vladimir Zelensky in his Administration, the most important since the war began, show the extent of corruption in Ukraine, where even the contention has not abated the mafia behaviors and illicit enrichment at the heart of Ukrainian institutions”(4)

A report released by the organization Transparency International (5) marks Ukraine as the most corrupt country in Europe – ranks 122 in between 180 countries – This reality has increased with very high levels of corruption with arms trafficking, food and an absolutely dismembered society, that will make impossible Zelensky's dream of fulfilling the obligations to achieve membership in the European Union. On the issue of arms trafficking delivered by the West to Ukraine, they can be found in black markets destined for African countries, criminal organizations and even European countries like Albania where assault rifles are publicly traded, missiles, surveillance equipment among others. In modern Sweden, the media in this country have warned that "arms smugglers from Sweden's second largest city, gothenburg, receive requests to acquire weapons from Ukraine for subsequent sale to gangs in the Nordic country”. In addition, European countries must prepare for a post-conflict uptick in arms smuggling, and that black market weapons can end up in the criminal world, underlined the expert on international arms smuggling from the Flemish Institute for Peace Research in Brussels, Nils Duquet (6)

To that reality of death, corruption, arms trafficking, and consolidation of a failed state, joins NATO's decision to train ultranationalist Ukrainian soldiers within the framework of the so-called Military Assistance Mission to Ukraine by the European Union, I contracted the design to prepare 30 thousand Ukrainian extremists forming neo-Nazi battalions, who are in a position to direct the destinies of Ukraine under the wing of an indoctrine and conduct, that moving towards the formation of a neo-Nazi state will have effects in Western Europe itself. From Russia it has been warned, on multiple occasions, that western weapons on Ukrainian soil, in the hands of the military and in general in a corrupt government and army, including anti-aircraft and anti-tank missile systems, in light of the decomposition observed in all Ukrainian political and military circles, they spread all over the world.

Weapons and extremist experiences, appearing in other regional conflicts, fall into the hands of organized crime, terrorists and extremists, even to Europe, in the flowery garden that Josep Borrel mentioned at the time High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. The West should learn from its negative experiences in Afghanistan, Irak, Libya, where along with their responsibility for millions of deaths is their responsibility for the formation of terrorist groups, the circulation of millions of weapons and the increase in global insecurity. bogus humanitarian mission



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