Erdogan wind in global diplomacy

-The world has been locked in Turkey for days. After the election victory of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, 100 Messages of congratulations and cooperation came from the leader of the country. In the comments in the western media “Erdogan's election will reveal new global balances” commented on. Although hours have passed since the election, international relations began to move rapidly..
The eyes of European countries will be on the Ankara-Moscow line in the coming days.. The bilateral relationship between President Erdogan and Russian President Vladimir Putin plays a key role in the course of the Ukraine War..
US President Joe Biden met with Erdogan the previous day. The eyes of the USA and NATO are on Turkey's decision on Sweden's membership..
Tensions escalate between Kosovo and Serbia. There are problems facing Bosnia and Herzegovina in the region. Many leaders in the region “The fate of the Balkans is in Erdogan's hands” had made the statement. Turkey's role will be one of the determining factors.
Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi, He called President Erdoğan and congratulated him and it was announced that an ambassador would be appointed between the two countries.. Turkey's positive relationship with Egypt and Gulf countries will shape the Middle East.
Before the election, there was a positive momentum in Ankara-Tel Aviv relations.. Israeli press after the election “Erdogan won, What awaits Israel?” news is coming out.
Organization of Turkish States, which was mobilized under the leadership of President Erdogan, will be decisive in Central Asia in the coming period.. Area, China-USA-Russia has entered the competitive arena. However, according to experts, the stance of the Organization of Turkish States will guide diplomacy..
After the election of President Erdogan, all eyes are on Azerbaijan. – In Armenia relations. There have been important statements on the land agreement from both sides recently.. This time, the Armenian side is inclined to accept that Karabakh is Azerbaijani territory..
In Greece, the election results in Turkey have been interpreted for days and it is reported that Athens expects new and positive relations with Ankara under Erdogan's leadership..


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