Minister Soylu: “This country will be a producing country”

-Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu, “Next 5 year, Whoever is troubling this country, including the American military, we are despicable if we don't wipe it out." said.

Soylu, who came together with the citizens in Bayrampaşa, in his speech on the election bus, emphasized the importance of the second round of tomorrow's Presidential Election.

Noble, “Tomorrow night is a big festival in Turkey., a feast of democracy, A century-long march will begin. This trust left to us by our ancestors, Together with the People's Alliance under the leadership of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, we will start a very nice march to this paradise homeland.” he spoke.

Turkey's 28 Soylu also evaluated the process after the May election., “It will be a peaceful walk to the geography around us.. By Allah's leave and grace, it will be a march that will put an end to the West's constant involvement and interference in our country." used the expressions.

Minister Soylu, The first stage of the oil wells in the area where Bayrampaşa Gendarmerie Petty Officer Esma Çevik, who was martyred while opening the way to the oil wells on Gabar Mountain, lost her life, takes approximately one day. 9 thousand oil, In the name of the teacher Şenay Aybüke Yalçın, who was martyred in Batman, the second area where an oil well was drilled 100 He noted that 1,000 barrels of oil were produced..

Stating that the Governor of Şırnak called him on the phone and informed him that the second oil well was drilled in the name of Esma Çevik, Soylu said that there was a lot of oil., “Our nation is a nation worthy of good news.. For beautiful days, to the beauties, a nation worthy of good news. Because you are from Gezi events 17-25 Until the interval pulse, 6-8 One of those who confused the East and Southeast in the October events 15 You always stood up until the July coup.. You always owned. to the unity of the country, to the country's development, You took care of the future of the nation together. You, you deserve the best of both good news and good news. don't worry now. next 5 The year will be the pinnacle of Tayyip Erdogan's leadership." made his assessment.

“This country will be a producing country”

Turkey's Tomorrow 5 stability in, your peace, Emphasizing that “yes” will be said to an understanding where there is trust, Soylu, noted that:

“Next 5 year, We would be despicable if we didn't wipe out whoever is troubling this country, including the American military.. This country will be a producing country., this country will be a growing country, this country will be an exporting country. this country 81 In the province, there will be a country that can look to the future with hope when its children leave the university.. This country will be a country that does not allow those who try to confuse the whole geography around us.”


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