Again gloomy economic data. The consumer recession is in full swing

– 7,3 proc. – this is how much retail sales in Poland decreased in April this year., on a year-on-year basis – The Central Statistical Office announced on Tuesday. This is a constant price reading. Means, that in April we bought in stores (np. food, construction or bookstores) or at petrol stations 7,3 proc. less than a year ago.
However, we spent more on these purchases, which were smaller than a year ago, than a year ago – o 3,4 proc. This is indicated by the dynamics of retail sales in current prices.

Month to month, tj. compared to March, retail sales in April (at fixed prices) has grown symbolically, o 0,1 proc. In total, for the first four months of this year,. and she was about 4,8 proc. lower than in the same period a year ago.
Retail sales down year-on-year 7,3 proc. This result is slightly better than economists' forecasts (the consensus according to was -7,8 proc.). Unfortunately, at the same time, it is the third reading in the red in a row (after -5 proc. in February and -7,3 proc. in March) and one of the worst in three years, the first wave of the pandemic. Then, however, the collapse of retail sales results from trade restrictions. Currently, it is largely the result of the erosion of the purchasing power of our income. We have a consumer recession in Poland.
explained in in an interview with Grzegorz Sroczyński Dr. Marcin Kędzierski from the Polish Economics Network.
The fact probably does as well, that a year ago Polish retail sales were conquered by purchases made by Ukrainians and for Ukrainians. Today the situation is reversed – some of our eastern neighbors returned to their homeland (or went to other countries), so they no longer spend money in Polish stores.
Decreases in retail sales year on year can be seen in basically all areas of trade. Category only “textiles, clothes, footwear” had a slight increase – o 0,6 proc. On the other hand, a drop in sales of around or more than 15% can be seen in the sale of fuels, furniture and household appliances, books and press, and in other stores not included in other categories.


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