What did Russia benefit from the Ukraine war?

– War, despite its cruelty and horror, its victims, pains and tragedies, its displacement of people, the demolition of cities, villages, resorts, homes and sanatoriums, the disruption of studies and education, killing and injuries, and it has long-term effects on the country’s economy.. Armed conflict has important negative indirect consequences for infrastructure, the availability of public health services, and social order. And other losses and damages that are difficult to compensate and forget, but there is a beneficial side that emerges from the bitterness, grief, blood and body parts of the innocent..

The war between Russia and the West is taking place in the arena and land of Ukraine and fueled by the Ukrainians. The West wanted it to eliminate Russia’s ambitions, fragment it, obtain its wealth, and eliminate a civilization of great depth and history, but the wind did not blow as the West desired, as it proceeded otherwise.. Russia was able to benefit from it in several ways.

١- economically: Despite the great damage that befell the Russian economy as a result of economic sanctions, it alerted the Russian bear to the importance of focusing on industrialization, especially in vital areas such as medicine, food, war industries, interest in agriculture, supply chains and transportation, disengagement from the power and dominance of the dollar, the Western financial system, and the development of the financial system. Russian, transparency and credibility.

٢- The military side had the lion's share, whether in terms of developing military equipment, benefiting from war lessons and developing weaknesses in the military system, testing new equipment, doubling military production, benefiting from old weapons and ammunition and developing them so that ordinary bombs with little modification became guided bombs, or sliding bombs. , launched from warplanes, capable of flying on its own for approx 70 kilometers. This means that using them saves Russian planes from entering areas covered by Ukrainian air defenses. The bombs are equipped with wings and can fly at a very low altitude that is not covered by air defense radars. Russia has also developed guns to hunt down drones. This war also revealed the falsehood of Western propaganda about Russian weapons, which in the past had proven to be effective, such as the October 6 war. Reports on the Russian special military operation in Ukraine proved the effectiveness of Russian weapons, despite counter-propaganda..

٣- medical side: There are always wars, despite their tragedies. The medical side develops to keep pace with the human needs that are caused by the atrocities and horrors resulting from these wars. There are many medical achievements, whether in terms of treatment, medicine or service. For example, the Russians invented a new method in Russian military medicine to rehabilitate the limbs after Injuries, as Russian military doctors were able to devise a new method for the complete rehabilitation of the arm and leg after shrapnel injuries and during explosions, and it allows to effectively reconstruct the injured bones..

٤- political side: The war caused a deterioration in relations between Russia and Western countries, which led to the imposition of economic and political sanctions on Russia. The war also led to an increase in tension in the region in general, and caused the conflicting parties to disperse and threaten regional security. The war caused an escalation of tension within the Ukrainian government and a change in the internal political events of the country.. In general, the war in Ukraine witnessed devastating political, economic and social effects, which are still affecting the region until now. However, the positive seismic results brought about by the war from a political point of view, the most important of which is the removal of America as one pole and the removal of Washington from the position of the world’s policeman and the limitation of hegemony and control over the resources of peoples. Europeans, and the beginning of the rift in European-American relations.

Conclusion: War is a deep evil, but American policies always seek to ignite the fire of discord and wars with the aim of operating its economic machine and benefiting from this global tension, but the final outcome this time will not return in the long and medium term in favor of America as Washington seeks to do..


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