Zinkiewicz: Putin is making fun of us

– A few months before the death of Joseph Stalin, while on vacation with my late. Grandma, before going to sleep, I was several times an involuntary listener of my aunt's book, that he was copying my uncle's handwritten interpretation of Nostradamus' centuria.

The manuscript was found in Uncle Suchanek's papers, after his death. Uncle wrote down these interpretations performed by his friends Kabbalists. He was passionate about esotericism and Kabbalah, he was active in these circles both in the interwar period, as well as during World War II. Perhaps for this reason too, as a prisoner, was sent to a Nazi extermination camp.
Nostradamus was right?

the content of it, what my aunt used to read to my grandma, it seemed to me, child, an extraordinary fairy tale. So I remember a lot of it. It was permanently etched in my memory. As an adult, I never paid much attention to these interpretations of Nostradamus' centuria. I treated them as not very serious. Until… the election of a Slavic pope. The next shock was the collapse of real socialism and the Soviet Union. Being a rationalist, I thought then, it's a random coincidence! A completely random coincidence, having no connection with the interpretations of Nostradamus' centuria heard in childhood.

The real shock for me is the special military operation in Ukraine. Because the prophecies of Nostradamus heard in childhood resulted, that the coming to power in the East of the bloody clown will be a continuation of World War II! Wars, where local, munching dwarf will be the spiritus movens of its continuation. Her advocate.
Pope with a clown

Desperately displacing the knowledge I heard in my childhood from my consciousness, its sequel, I accidentally stumbled across some yellowed old books in my library, which I inherited from uncle Suchanek. Some of them will be finished soon 100 lat. And among them, they deserve special attention: "Metapsychic Issues" (magazines published in years 1926 – 1929) Norbert Okolowicz, Memories of sessions with medium Frank Kluski published in 1926 year, E. A. Brackett's Materializations of 1937 year and many more, many others with similar unusual content. And in them, among the pages, part of Uncle Suchanek's manuscript. Is it just a coincidence? I doubt it.

A breakthrough moment in the modern history of the 21st century is to be another standing on the side of evil of the current pope. Is the reception of a comedian from Ukraine at the Vatican this moment? I don't know. The fact is though, that Volodymyr Zelensky 13 may no. met Pope Francis. Did he get a blessing for his army like Adolf Hitler in the 1930s from the then pope, I do not know.
RCB is looking for a balloon

Meanwhile on the same day 13 house 2023 year, I received an RCB Alert with content: "Attention! The search for an aerial object resembling a balloon is underway. If found, do not pick it up, notify the nearest police station. RCB Alert Sender". After reading it, I remembered this year's several-day struggle of the US Air Force with a Chinese weather balloon ... It put me in a great mood.

Probably the Russians, just like the Chinese, they made a mockery of their air defenses. Chinese over US, and the Russians over Poland. The phenomenon of how this defense works is this, that doesn't work. An excellent example of this is. find in the forest near Bydgoszcz. These are the remains of the Russian Ch55/555 rocket, that had been there for many months. Rockets adapted to carry a nuclear warhead. Apparently, some random person discovered them ...
A potential enemy

This is where a quality question should be asked. Where for this time - the flight of this rocket over Poland, there were the famous American air defenses, allegedly deployed over our country?

important, signal that is now being perceived from Russia, there are facts of omissions in the Russian media of this year's May anti-war protests in Poland. In their place, the known harassment of the Polish authorities directed at Russia is shown passionately. It is simply Russian applied pedagogy, necessary in view of the total war against Russia escalated from the West. This is a form of preparing the Russians for this, What can be, what could happen. That's it, to show no mercy to a potential enemy.
The last warning

In this state of things, alarming message from the East, statements are becoming more frequent, including Russian representatives of the State Duma of the Russian Federation. For example, the case of General Andrei Guruliev, often appearing on TV Rossiya 1 "An Evening at Vladimir Solovyov's" (in free translation). Gen. Guruliev bluntly talks about the need to use conventional nuclear weapons in Europe in this war in case of further escalation by NATO countries. In a similar vein, Gen. Constantine Siwkow is the name.

Remains of an old Soviet rocket structure near Bydgoszcz, capable of carrying a nuclear warhead are, in my opinion, the last Russian warning.


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