Putin's success in China

Before I analyze on a small scale the significance of Chinese leader Xi Jinping's visit to Russia, I would like to take a tour of the past..

29 May – 2 June 1988; US President Ronald Reagan pays an official visit to Moscow. I remember well. There was a festive atmosphere in the Soviet Union..

Bilateral meetings of the then USSR leader Mikhail Gorbachev and Reagan, signing documents, jokes, smiles, in a word everyone was happy.

Gorbachev and his team, Reagan was confident that his visit would mark history..

yes visit, left its mark on history. Approximately 3 years later the Soviet Union broke up. Gorbachev, He earned money by acting in foreign commercials.. Russia's power and reputation was reduced to zero..

In the past few days, Chinese leader Xi Jinping made a speech to Russia. 2 daily visit also left its mark on history. But here is a positive historical event for Russia and China.. Even, As the Chinese leader's visit to Russia, which is closely followed by the world, comes to an end, a dialogue between him and Russian President Vladimir Putin tells a lot..

Here you go together, Let's analyze this briefly.

Putin, Saying goodbye to his Chinese colleague from the Kremlin, Jinping, right next to the door, "Right now 100 There are changes that we have not seen in years, and we are the ones who carry out these changes together.”.

Little of “I agree” while answering, The mysterious expression on his face did not go unnoticed either..

leaders of China and Russia “100 Perhaps we can speculate a bit about what they mean by "changes like no other in years"..

We can conclude from the negotiations and agreements reached between the two leaders for hours behind closed doors.; Action was taken to put an end to Western hegemony, especially the USA.; not only in terms of military-technical cooperation, in terms of economy.

US not just Russia, It is no longer a secret to anyone that he is also targeting China.. China and Russia are strategic partners and geopolitical ally. both states, In this context, it is aimed to change the global balance of power and further bilateral cooperation in every field - not only on papers.- decided to increase.

“Changes like no other in 100 years?"What do you mean by this sentence?.

Two leaders of two giant countries, doesn't speak in vain. It seems that the foundations of a new world order have begun to be laid.. And China also set out in this sense.. Russia-China strategic cooperation deepens. Sides, He also learned from the mistakes made during the Cold War..

Putin, who prefers to take steps rather than talk, Its policies regarding China should be described as successful..

Everyone knows very well what Moscow's previous tango with Washington resulted in.. Now Russia, He started a new global maneuver by taking China with him..

our article, I would like to end with the words that Putin expresses every time.: West wanted it.


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