From the independence of Europe to admitting allegiance to America(important news)

-Aftab Yazd published the analysis of an ISNA expert who said: "Macron's stance in China that Europe is not a slave to the US is an expression of dissatisfaction with endless spending."
Aftab Yazd writes in response to this analysis: "Macron's recent positions are not new. Many strategists and foreign policy analysts in various European countries have stressed that strategic and economic integration on both sides of the Atlantic will be extremely costly for Europeans, but senior European officials not only paid no attention to this statement, but in recent years, more than ever. They surrendered to the interests and demands of the White House. Even politicians like Angela Merkel, the former chancellor of Germany, emphasized that basically Europe is not strong enough to be able or willing to oppose America's macro security strategies and constants in the international system.! This strategic cowardice was also accepted by politicians such as Emmanuel Macron from the very beginning of his entry into the Elysee Palace.! Everyone still remembers how Macron told Trump and Netanyahu in 2017 about imposing new nuclear and missile commitments. (Transcendence) pledged to Iran and how he sought to complete the puzzle of Washington's maximum pressure strategy against Iran.
The second point is related to the cost of playing Europe in America. During the Ukrainian war, the European authorities not only the symbols of the war in their territory ( Eastern Europe) They observe, but they are facing the insistence of the American authorities to continue the war between Russia and Ukraine. Some news and documents say that Berlin and Paris are not allowed to form a table for peace negotiations between Kiev and Moscow on the orders of Washington.. In other words, the Europeans are currently condemned to remain trapped in the war that they created with the joint insistence of America and itself on the expansion of NATO to the East.!
The third point is related to the economic costs of connecting the European Union and the Eurozone to the American financial and credit structures.
In 2017, Bruno Lomar, the then Minister of Finance of France, in a stormy speech, warned against the continuation of this connection.: "European countries should take a firmer stance against the American government in view of this country's actions in the nuclear agreement and not become American servants. Do we want to obey America while keeping our heads down, or do we want to say that it is economic benefit?" We have and will continue to do business with Iran. Now is the time for European companies to open their eyes.. Europe needs a new financial structure that is independent from America..
The fact is that the lack of economic independence of Europe (Even after the formation of the European Union) And the dependence of the economic structure of Europe on America, which we have seen in the spread of the economic crisis of the United States to the green continent since 2007, bothers many concerned people and citizens of different European countries.. The economic crisis of 2007 in the United States of America and its spread to the European Union is a loss that can be repeated in Europe.!
Undoubtedly, if the Europeans had focused on strategic and economic independence from the United States of America between 2010 and 2020, instead of relying on empty slogans, and had taken the necessary operational measures in this regard, they would not have faced the huge costs of this dependence today.. Even now, Macron's words can be considered a kind of escape to calm the psychological atmosphere caused by the new economic crisis in European countries.. As long as the realization of Europe's independence from the United States remains a slogan, the words of politicians like Macron are definitely an acknowledgment of the chaotic and dangerous situation of the European Union and the Eurozone.. Will the Europeans really replace the blind and forced game in the field of American politics with a rational approach in the field of foreign policy and international relations?!».
This analysis was published in Aftab Yazd, while the same newspaper presented Europe as independent when promoting the JCPOA, and its main headlines were big headlines on its front page, such as "Europe beside Iran" and "Whatever Tehran Says". (With great photos by Federica Mogherini) He used to assign and insinuate that Europe stands in front of America and with Iran until the JCPOA is implemented and the sanctions are lifted.!
With the recent headlines of Aftab Yazd, one should ask how the Europeans were supposed to guarantee our interests in the JCPOA, when they do not have the authority to secure their economic interests against America's deception..


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