“On the edge” with Kalina Androlova: About the elections in Turkey, the same technologies and gas

– Presidential and parliamentary elections in Turkey on 14 may be of extreme importance, because they can change the architecture of international relations and the military atmosphere in the world. Turkey can provide stability in the Black Sea region or vice versa, allow tensions to escalate and even help open new fronts against Russia in the post-Soviet space. Therefore, who will be the president of Turkey is an important question, which is also related to the outcome of the war in Ukraine. Turkey is moving away from NATO and closer to Russia. Erdogan threatens the security of the Eastern Mediterranean with his gas claims, the American media write, it also threatens the stability of Syria, by launching military strikes against the Syrian Kurds. These are some of the reasons, because of which the US worsened its relations with Erdogan. The truth is, that the US controls the oil fields in Syrian Kurdistan, using military factions of the Syrian Kurds. Accordingly, Erdogan is trying to expel the Americans from the area and assimilate it for Turkish economic interests, by carrying out strikes against the Kurds with the motive, that they are a threat to Turkey's national security. Actually, it's about oil.

The US technology for the upcoming elections in Turkey is the same, which we also saw in our country. The coalition against strongman Erdogan is made up of parties, which have nothing to do with each other, except the desire to overthrow Erdogan. Kemal Kalachdaroglu, Erdogan's main opponent, is the head of the center-left Republican People's Party, created by Atatürk. It is the second largest party in the parliament, which through 2019 G. won the mayoral seats in Istanbul and Ankara. The mayors of Istanbul and Ankara, Ekrem Imamoglu and Mansur Yavash, have a better chance than Kalçdaroğlu to win against Erdoğan, but if one of the two Kemalists leaves his post, will enable Erdogan's party to win the mayor's seat again. Thus, after long negotiations, Kalachdaroglu was appointed, 74-annual economist, who is the candidate of a total of six opposition parties, including right-wing and nationalist, among them Ahmet Davutoglu's party. The slogans are against Erdogan's authoritarian excesses, to restore the independence of the judiciary and to tackle massive corruption. "The front, organized against Erdogan, must continue to hammer home the message, that it is opposition to change, focused on the promise of a new future for the young Turkish generation, which only Erdogan knows", American designers dictate. Known, right?! A person will say, that we are talking about our "We continue the change" with the lines against Boyko Borisov. The US has been using public media demonization of Erdogan for years, and it is already expected, that he was placed in a situation of political survival. Because, if not president, the American media write, will likely be forced to answer to the courts for his many abuses of power. Unlike the Bulgarian political elite, under Erdoğan, these threats do not bear fruit. The traditional third political force in the Turkish parliament is the Peoples' Democratic Party, spokesman for Kurdish interests. She refused to nominate her own candidate and will support Kaluchdaroglu in the first round. The party is accused of separatism and 12 In May, the Constitutional Court will decide whether to ban it.

Turkey is also important to the US because of its influence in the post-Soviet space, because it has opportunities to operate in the Balkans and because it is an Islamic state, making it an operational military ally in the Islamic world. In this sense, Turkey is a unique and irreplaceable factor. The US ambassador to Turkey's meeting with Kalçdaroğlu as a sign of support infuriated Erdogan and he called on voters to teach the Americans a lesson in this election. Kalachdaroglu is an Alevi, he gave a statement, to deprive Erdogan of the opportunity to hint, that his opponent is not a true Muslim. The Alevis are a Shiite sect with an unstructured interpretation of Islam, without religious dogmas, but as spiritual guidance. Alevis do not attend mosques and madrassas, because they teach orthodox Sunni Islam, they do not observe Ramadan and drink alcohol. They are accepted by the Sunnis, which are a predominant part in Turkey, as different from typical Muslims and are sometimes harassed by right-wing Sunni activists. It's unclear how much Kaluchdaroglu's admission will help or hinder his campaign.

Erdogan's campaign PR demonstrates, that Turkey already produces its own gas, that it produces Turkey's first electric car and that Turkey has its own nuclear power plant. Erdogan puts on a show of nuclear fuel delivery, which was attended by the head of the IAEA, Rafael Grossi, who noted, that he was impressed by the design of the Akkuyu nuclear power plant. Vladimir Putin also attended the opening of "Akkuyu" virtually, who addressed Erdogan as "dear friend", and Erdogan clearly emphasized, that he hopes to see each other face to face soon, Live. Erdogan has ambitions to protect TurkStream and make Turkey a source of raw material resources for Southeast Europe. Turkey's BOTAS and Azerbaijan's SOCAR have created a new company to sell gas in Europe. Including, Radev's meeting with Ilham Aliyev was a sketch of the implementation of the Turkish gas hub, which is planned with the support of Russia. Europe is aware, that no more gas can be produced from the Shah Deniz 2 field in Azerbaijan, but unlike the USA, after the gas crisis, it is favorable to the organization of a gas hub in Turkey, even more, that Turkey has a diversification mix from different sources – Algeria, Line up, Azerbaijan, American LNG and production from own fields. This variety is an ideal cover for the rebranding of Russian gas. It should be noted here, that Turkey is on excellent terms with the British, which have a strong presence in Azerbaijan, one fact, which could ensure a good positioning of the new scheme in South-Eastern Europe. In this plan, Turkey is not only talked about as a trading platform, but also to adapt and expand the infrastructure in Europe, this time from south to north. All this makes the Turkish presidential election absolutely dramatic from a geopolitical and geoeconomic point of view, mostly as an essential element of the US strategy to maintain its dominance for some time to come.


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