Gen Andrzejczak about the war in Ukraine: Unfortunately, the situation does not look good

– During the strategic debate at the National Security Bureau, Andrzejczak spoke, that “war is not a military matter”. – There was a war, Is, and nothing indicates it, to be different, policy, and in its determinants it has a substantial number of economic factors: finances, infrastructural issues, social affairs, technology, food production and a whole set of problems, to be put in this box, to understand this war.

– When I look at the war in Ukraine, it is primarily through these political lenses that I see it, Unfortunately, it doesn't look good, he said. He translated, that in the short term planning, 1-2 lat, “nothing indicates it, that Russia would not have money for the war”. – These financial instruments, which she had before the war, the dynamics of spending and the effectiveness of sanctions or the entire complex economic situation indicate this, that Russia will have money for the war, he added.
– Ukraine has huge financial problems. We know, how much does he need per month. We know, what is US aid?, of the entire civilization of the West. We also know, what is the Polish aid in this area, because we are the second donor and we should probably be a significant inspiration for others. The speed of abrasion in the financial area is, in my opinion, unfavorable today (Ukrainy – red.). Unfortunately, he said.
He also drew attention, that there is no indication of that in the near future, to Ukrainians, who fled the war, they returned home and began the process of rebuilding the country. He stressed, that the July NATO summit in Vilnius will take place “more the pinnacle of our credibility, not only NATO, but all of the West”. "If we're late.", if we do not seize this opportunity and show determination, we will not give Ukraine a chance to do that, to build a secure future.

- As a soldier, I am also obliged to present the most unfavorable and difficult to implement variant, giving space to all of them, who can and should help Ukraine, I rate this security situation as very bad, very dangerous for Poland - said Andrzejczak.

asked, whether Western leaders realize this, that Ukraine is very far from winning the war with Russia, the general replied, that “the unadorned perspective of threat assessment is still a surprise to most, still shocking”.

We just don't have ammunition. The industry is not ready for this, not only to send equipment to Ukraine, but also replenish our stocks, that are melting. This consciousness is not like that, like here on the Vistula, and you absolutely need it, without anesthesia, share with everyone and in all forums, wherever possible, which I am doing, stressed the chief of the General Staff of the Polish Armed Forces.


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