Coal will be the main source of energy in Poland for a long time. Does anyone like it, or not

-acek Sasin commented on Monday on the so-called. methane regulation, which is being worked on in the European Parliament. – It is a deadly threat to the operation of hard coal, for Silesia, because it is still one of the main industries in this region, as well as for Poland. Coal is and will be the basis of our power industry for many years to come. Eliminating its extraction would be a huge blow to our energy security – Sasin said after the meeting of the Parliamentary Group for. of the Silesian Voivodeship and the Parliamentary Team for. Energy and Energy and Mining Transformation in Poland, which took place at the Silesian Voivodship Office in Katowice.
The head of the Ministry of State Assets pointed out, despite large investments in RES and the implementation of plans for the development of nuclear energy, continued 70 proc. of energy in Poland is produced from coal. – And it will remain so for a long time, if anyone likes it, or not. These are the realities. We live in such realities. Investments require not only big money, but they also take time. Until these investments are completed, coal will be the basis of the Polish energy sector – emphasized Jacek Sasin.

– This is reflected in government documents, in Poland's currently changing energy policy 2040 r., where we clearly indicate, that until new energy sources are launched, that will meet our country's energy needs, it will be made of coal. It would be absolutely irrational, to bring about the closure of mines in Poland, and at the same time they had to import this raw material from abroad – he continued.
Sasin spoke, that the views of the Polish government were presented to the European Union during the work on the methane regulation. – we said, regardless of the solutions, which will be accepted, we will not close Polish mines any faster, than our needs, possibilities and provisions of the Social Contract. Coal mining will be slowly phased out, but it will happen at a pace, which will ensure our energy security, it will help to solve social problems and secure the fate of people currently employed in this sector – emphasized the head of MAP.



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